4.1 Creating an AWS

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Hello, everybody. And welcome to Chapter three of this course, and this part we're gonna be talking about the interview of service is and technology. As I said before, this is going to make up the majority of the course. And honestly, it's probably gonna be the most fun. We're not gonna be doing all
power point stuff. We're actually gonna be getting into the obvious, consul. And we're gonna be starting with that in this lecture right now.
We're going to and to start, we're gonna go ahead and click on. They create an eight of us accounts, button up here in the upper right hand corner.
Okay, so I am just about done setting up my it abuse accounts. And, uh, the last page that you're going to see is an option for you to choose a support plan.
Now, for this course, you're just gonna choose the basic plan. It's the free plan. It's included with all the accounts. That includes 24 7 self service access to forums and resource is includes best practice checks to improve your security and performance and
access alle statuses and notifications. So, in the future, if you're using this for professional reasons.
You may want to consider the developer plan or the business plan based on your needs. You want to keep in mind, though, that they do charge you a monthly basis, but they offer more hands on support. So you got, you know, $2029 a month is going to include
some testing and development email access thio eight of us support. During business hours, you get a primary contact and you also get 12 hours response times for non prod systems
for, ah, the business plan.
It's gonna be $100 a month. And it includes, you know, production and workload business critical dependencies 24 7 Chance and supports. Unlimited contacts can be open and unlimited numbers of support cases.
And then you also get really expedited response time for processed. Um, see, a one hour. So
all right, now that world set up, we're gonna go ahead and sign into the council. I'll see you in there
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