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30 minutes
Video Transcription
All right. This is basic, ever metric dead boot forensic acquisition using a wireless network.
All right, so, in summary, um, we walk through how to edit the elementary dead boot dongle s O that you could use it on a WiFi network. Um, we talked about the panda USB WiFi dangles that actually work,
and, ah, then we use that Ah, modified elementary dead, but USB dongle and the controller to manage a forensic acquisition,
Um, across the WiFi network. So there you go. If you had questions. Last course. About what? About my wireless network. Well, this is how you do it. Um, essentially any connection like this will work. I'm sure you could come up with an even crazier methods for doing this than than what I thought of,
um, again, Happy to have you with us. And, ah, there's always get your forensic stuff together. Come run with us.
Basic Evimetry Deadboot Forensic Acquisition: Wireless Network

This course covers how to edit the configuration of an Evimetry Deadboot dongle so that we can automatically boot a target system to a WIFI network. The course also covers managing the forensic imaging process over a wireless network and what to do if you lose connection to a running Evimetry forensic acquisition from the Evimetry Controller.

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