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All right, Welcome to basic elementary, dead boot forensic acquisition. And let's get right into this.
Everything we have together discuss today we went through how to create an elementary dead boot USB dongle.
Ah, we use that dead boot on a target computer for a never met tree acquisition. We used the license dongle attached locally to that's machine to create a local acquisition that we can do right there from the target system with no controller involved. And then we use the,
uh, every metric controller to manage across the wire network our forensic
collection Pretty easy, pretty quick. And ah,
no real fuss. Or must there?
As always, there'll be a course next week. We're doing wireless, same thing, and, uh, get your forensic stuff together come running with us.

Basic Evimetry Deadboot Forensic Acquisition: Wired and Local

This course covers using the creating an Evimetry Deadboot dongle to create a forensic image from a bootable USB thumb drive. We’ll also walk through using the Evimetry Deadboot dongle to directly create a forensic image from the target computer.

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Brian Dykstra
CEO and President of Atlantic Data Forensics