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Welcome back in this episode, we're going to continue on our surveillance compute concepts by taking a look at a service bus demo
again. In our demo, we're just gonna look at creating a service bus in some configuration options around it.
Let's jump out to our azure portal and take a look
and our azure portal. Let's go ahead and select on service bus
and click on Add to create a first service bus name space.
Just like our azure function. This name space needs to be globally unique. All across the Azure
will select a pricing tier for a demo. I'm just going to choose basic
in places in our server Lis Resource Group.
Let's click on Create
After the resource is deployed and clicking. Refresh. We can see our new service bus is now active
under entities. Let's go and create our first Q.
First we need to give it a name
and we have arm excuse size. Our options are one gigabyte to five gigabyte, and if you remember from our slides, we can configure a message timeto live or t t l. This is going to determine how long messages stay in the queue before they expire or sent to the dead letter. Q.
We have our lock duration
as well as enabling duplication detection and also discussed on our slides, enabling dead lettering on the Q Swallows sessions and partitioning what's going to click on create
going back to her over you page. You might notice up here that we can create cues, but we cannot create topics. That's because we're using the basic pricing tier
for your select the basic pricing tier.
The window's gonna come up to show our other pricing tier options Such a standard, which does include topics and messaging operations and scrolling down. You can see a premium option, which has fixed pricing as opposed to variable pricing inside the standard plan, and it's also recommended for production workloads.
Just want to point out some of the different options there with our pricing plans might be something to consider remembering for the exam in case the question comes up around which options are available inside of each pricing tier
that does it for our demo for service bus. Just want to show how to create a Q and show you some of the options we have available to us such as the time to live and dead lettering. Let's jump back to the slides and wrap this up.
Coming up next, we're gonna finish out our surveillance concepts by taking a look and, in effect, great demo. See you in the next episode.
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