3.6 Dynamic Analysis Knowledge Check and Module 3 Outro

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all right. I hope those questions weren't so bad for you. So let's go over the answers together. So question one. What function does main call first in IOS while you remain doesn't exist?
You are application Maine.
You. My application comes after, and delegate is wrong. Okay. How many states are there in IOS applications?
None. Well, that means nothing would be happening right loose until complete. You know, that's part of the state of applications. But it's not the state of a nap. Ligation one No. Five.
Okay, what command do we use to install packages and android Grab? No.
A p K package. Oops. Sorry. A p k install package.
No. A b d a b d And still no a v d No, no, no. A D B install package. Alright, what command can use to forward port 8888 traffic to and from your android device.
Okay. A D B network a eight no
draws their consul network. No.
A d B Ri Mountain Network A a No, for re mount. You can re mount the file system in your android device as a reed. Right? But no. Okay. A D B forward T c P A A. Yes. And for your information, that is the port for G D.
so if you want to do remote debugging, you can do it with GDP. All right, What is the term for manipulating methods during dynamic analysis of IOS applications? Boozing? No, I hope you're not boozing lounging, No swizzle ing. Yes, it's whistling, and it's definitely not weaseling.
All right, so there we go. There are the knowledge check questions. I hope those weren't too bad for you. So let's just wrap up this module and then head into module for in Module three recovered the basic dynamic analysis process, and we saw how the results we obtained can be used to complement to confirm our hypotheses made in the static analysis process.
Then we took a look at some of the introductory dynamic analysis techniques for IOS and Android,
as well as talked about some tools to aid in our analysis
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