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Video Transcription
Okay, So what did we learn in this section? Will we learn what Attackers do during the reconnaissance phase? We learn Attackers need to research their victims to see who would be a good target. We learned that Attackers need to research the target machine's silicon tailor, make their attacks that we learned. Attackers need to find places to leave these devices.
Then we talked about deployment and how Attackers need to blend in and not look suspicious. One deploying these techniques. Then we learned that Attackers can do things to make devices look more tempting by distressing advice is adding label or some combination
and the next section we're gonna talk about us be H I d spoofing attacks. And more specifically, we're gonna do a lab, get her hands dirty. But first we have few module questions.
So the first question is which method is not a way of disguising a malicious file slash code attack? Is that a using plain text commands as a beast? Iconography? Is it see adding a link file to a hidden file,
or is it d adding a false extension? And that is a A is not a way of disguising attack
Okay. Question. To which the falling should be done when performing reconnaissance for us, be dropped. Tech is a researching the target victim or victims. Is it be researching the target machine or machines?
See, researching of the drop sites.
Where's the D? All the above, that is, of course, the all those are the correct answer. All right, so let's get into our first lab.
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