3.5 Learning Checks Section 2

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Video Transcription
Hey, everyone. So we just finished the lab, and I really hope that you guys enjoyed it. I hope that it was meaningful and that you learned a few things along the way.
Ah, so quick learning. Check here before we move on to section three.
Um, just a couple of questions we're going to start with Can ap of Sense firewall performed d a teepee task.
Next we have does the PF sense far welcome it changes immediately after the administrator makes changes.
And then third, does the PF sense probable have a gooey that can be accessed by modern browser? If so, on what interface can we access? The web console?
Is it the D M Z? When Orland all of these, we either
briefly or you at least saw some form of action against, um,
these type of questions that are on your screen now. So, you know, think about a little bit. Some of these might be really easy. Some of them you may not have noticed in the lab.
You could always go back and check out the lab if you need to. But we're gonna move ahead and take a look at these answers for this particular London check.
So number one can the pea essence Pharrell perform? D h E p task? Yes, it can. The pea essence Pharrell can handle these task If you remember during the promise to assign I p addresses to the three separate interfaces on P accents borrow all that question came up and we answered No
second does the peel sends Farrah Welcome it changes immediately after the administrator makes changes,
the PF sense will not commit changes immediately. You know, after making your change on saving your change, you must apply The change in P s sense will prompt you to do so before you leave the web page. And you saw that at the very top of the webpage. You have to apply that change or committed after you saved it. So
pretty cool feature. Just two again.
Measure twice cut once. Lastly, does
the PM sends probable have a buoy? Obviously, that's kind of ah ah! Leading question It is yes. And you're gonna access that wet consul on the land interface. If you remember after we configure the land interface, it has a brief description that
we have to go to https
whatever the I p address Waas and we were able to do that on that. Windows eight Virtual machine and access be up here since far Wall Pharrell's Web console. So thanks so much for sticking with me. We're gonna jump into section three. Next. See you soon.
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