3.4 Software Defined Networking

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Okay, so software defined networking, how used to do things? And this is today's network versus S t N. But honestly, today's network is becoming esti in very quickly. Software defined, No. So if you look at the illustration over here on the left and you see control plane network operating system data plane, so that's been the traditional configuration.
So basically what? We have some sort of administrative controls,
then we have our networked environment, and then we have a location. Where are Gattis store? So ultimately underneath you see the client in this idea of dumb pipe network operators, content servers. The point they're being is that it's up to the client toe access the network
to get to the contents,
right? And then if there needs to reallocate bandwidth to modify routing or whatever, Ultimately what would have that what would happen is the network admin would
manipulate the routers or the other devices or villains. Whatever and reconfigure the network.
The idea here waas. All three of these elements are on the same plane, meaning I log on to the production networks router on the production network to modify right the writers on the network I access the router that's on the network to modify it
a. Well. The problem with that is, I have management commands on the data network or have a lot of different types of traffic. Ah, lot of types of different access. Perhaps so the idea behind software to find networking is I have a separate environment
that has the control plane in the network operating system.
And then, if you come down, you'll see controller software and in my network diagram.
What that means is, ultimately, I sit up here remotely and I configure my network. I don't know if you've ever used physio before or if you've ever studied for the CCN exam. You see router based simulations. The idea is, I configure my network through an application.
I point click. We like pictures.
I like pictures. Give me a picture of a router instead of teaching me 1,800,000 Cisco commands. Now. That being said, I do know Cisco do work with Cisco Equipment, and I understand the benefit of making sure that your router admin has skills
on your router, other than just pointing and clicking. But the bottom line is
that's done through access control you don't just let anybody come in in point. Click. So eyes, the network administrator have the capability of setting up my environment through software. And then that information is translated through a smart pipe or through a controller down to the network element.
So your network components are configured by software instead of me physically connecting to that server.
And I hope that makes sense because this is a tremendous move forward in the world of network connectivity, particularly for cloud based environments. So the direct commands are never on the data network.
I've got my commands here. A controller provides the translation that allows for reconfiguration of traffic
or of devices, and it's all configured by software from a network administrator. It's agnostic, the hardware, which means, you know, we may have routers from all different vendors. Do I have to know Juniper and Cisco and Belgian? And this and that,
not software to find networking? It's more a matter of
what device it iss where I want it to go, how I wanted configured. So you've got a huge ease of use benefit. But then you also get that benefit, and this is the testicle piece management plane is separated from the data plane. And when we talk about the data plane, that's where the information
and that's where users are accessing resource is
so just another little illustration. Here you've got that software application at the top
that goes and allows the control. And then there's that direct sort of translation down at the bottom with open flow, which is one element that could make this work down to the infrastructure layer were using different terms.
Same idea up here at the top works his application layer. That's the control plane.
That's the management plane you may hear called either. And the control layer is right in there
and then down below. You've got the data plane. So really, if you go back to the slide before control playing network os, that's the 1st 2 layers over here. What looks like Legos and then down below is the data plain. Beautiful thing
directly pro Clint programming. But I can't talk,
but I'm gonna You know what? I'm gonna have some coffee and try it again.
now I can talk directly programmable again. It is separate from the data plane. It's easy to configure, weaken directly impact
traffic weakened, elect directly impact how the devices work and function through the use of software. So when you hear this idea about abstraction
an agile again, I don't have tohave the individual system operating system commands for that system I can make changes very quickly end easily from the software standpoint. Also, there's a single location with which I control my network.
So all that's very desirable, and we're seeing this more and more and more. Most cloud service providers have a certain sort of environment.
Now programmatically, configured again
through software application is what allows you to configure the network open standards based and vendor neutral
again, no matter what its hardware agnostic, no matter what your hardware is, have that capability of configuring. So I know I've kind of repeated some of these, but this is huge. This is a totally different way of doing things, and it's been around a while. But, you know,
to be able to configure a network
through the use of software from a central location that's a big, big deal, and that makes efficiency security band with allow ability. It's or and with configuration
much, much easier. Life is good I hate to sound like one of those people that says, Well, back in my day if we wanted to Network we had to take dental floss between 2 10 cans. But I kind of am feeling like that person because, you know, having been around for 2025 years,
the advances that we see, they still get excited by them because
just step by step by step,
we're increasing manageability, right? We're making our lives easier. His network ad men's with some of these new technologies and developments.
I feel like I should throw in Stay off my lawn
All right again. Just another little illustration of the management plane. This would be an example of software of the application that shows you. Okay, here, your ports,
you can configure these porch. You can click and drag new connections. You can change I p addressing very quickly and easily,
just with, you know, from this central location. So this is the idea that says management plans that actually should be management planes. But this is an example off the application software that you would use to manage software defined networking
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