3.4 AWS WAF and Shield

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Hello, everybody. And welcome to this lecture and this lecture We're gonna be covering AWS waft and it'll be a shield. For those of you who aren't familiar, AWS waft would be the Web application. Firewall and shield is another security service that we're gonna be touching up on in a second.
Let's go to get started with wife. So a habeas WAP, which is tthe e web application firewall, is gonna protect your applications. At's the OS I model layer seven. So the application layer.
So this is gonna protect your Web applications from common Web attacks such as cross that request forgery, cross site scripting or sequel injection or several others? Um, which, obviously that could affect the availability of your application or your website or whatever you have up online.
It can compromise security so I can always exploit sensitive information
that might be being held within your Web application or simply confiscate your resource is you know, maybe they're trying Thio Bitcoin Mind off of your easy two instances there so that, like that Web application, firewall is a really good front runner. Obviously, it's not the end all be all for security. We need have security at all layers.
But it's definitely something that should be at the forefront
of your secure architecture. So
and that is it obvious waft for the
Claude practitioner exam? You're just going to need to know what it is. S o. Just make sure that you understand that AWS WAP is the Web application firewall and it protects your applications from common Web attacks.
Moving on. We're gonna touch up on eight of his shields.
Interview Shields basically acts as theme Anedge Deedles Protection Service. It's something that is already managed and provided by eight of us. It provides 24 7 detection and automatic inline mitigation.
Ah, and they provide two levels of it'll be a shield.
They offer shield standard and shield advanced the shield standard. It's something that automatically comes with your service is if you have a free account. The advanced comes with a cost and offers a lot more. Service is if you're interested in learning about the differences, I would encourage you to go check out the interview shield FAA cues
and the service is page on, uh,
Amazon's Web site. But basically for the club practitioner exam, just make sure that you understand what Utopias Shield is,
So it'll be us. Waft is the web application firewalls is gonna protect against Web application attacks. And it'll be a shield is the managed Deedles Protection Service.
That about wraps up this lecture. I will see you guys in the next one.
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