3.3 STP Design Considerations

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Video Transcription
Hello. Welcome back, Cisco Certified the line Associate module Free license 3.3 I'm your Instructor way.
In the previous video, we talked about a Siskel past practices for a campus layered Eli. From this video, we will begin to introduce STP Tonight. Considerations.
Pre assessment question in the Enterprise earlier to sway to the never which portable must be running to enable Linger Identity, a k, a, G, p, B, C d P, C, L, a, c p, the SPP,
A, N, A, C, P, A, G, p and L. A. CPR related to either channels not relate to these questions, right?
B is for Cisco Devices. Sure. Neighbors, Right?
Dia's dance Horace Panici Particle
Here's the topical we're gonna discuss spanning tree protocol, these large considerations and Cisco Tour kits.
What is as TP has to be
spanning. T particle is defined by high tempo Yaser dont he prevents loops or from being for formed on switches or rages are interconnected Valium multiple paths as T P is implemented by switches exchanging BBDO asset messages with other switches
to detective loot, which are removed by shutting down selective Brady in our faces.
These algorithm guarantees there There's one and only one active path between two never devices by default and Rube Rage Priorities of 32768 It also teaches I have the same route. Bridge priority. The switch with the Lowest America dress will be elected as the root of the STP.
Therefore issued a lower the route bridge priority on the switch. There you want to be the STP route,
the distribution legacy switch. You should also aligning after I charki Gateway to be the same switch as DP Switch Port entered a folio states
blocking apart that it could have cost assuaging loop. I've it were active. No user data sent or received over a blocking port, but Amy Mayko into forging mode. If the other drinks and used fail and spanning tree algorithm determines the part may transition to the forwarding state.
BBDO There is a steel received in a block in ST.
It prevents the use of a Lupita paths listening. The switch processes be to use and awaits possible new information that would cause it to return to the blocking. State it a lot of populated the Mac address table, and it doesn't offer word frames. Learning well the port does daughter, yet forward frames.
It doesn't learn source addresses from frames received and add them to the filtering database
switching database. It populates the Mac address table, but doesn't our forward frames forwarding apart receiving and a sending data In normal operation? STP Steel monitors incoming beep videos that wouldn't indicate it should. A to *** into the rocking state to prevent a loop disabled now streaked a part of it as t p,
a network administrator can manually deceiving. Report.
Cisco switches supported three times of S T peace Her real unsanitary plus P V s t plus rapida PV dance vanity plus multiple Spanish re m S T P P S T plots.
Pervy Lance Banerjee Pause PTSD Plus provides the same functionality as PBS t using a zero to the bank. Your trunk ing technology, rather than SL P V S d
plus, isn't an enhancement to the Asia to the ANC You'll specifications, and he's now supported on the Francisco devices.
PVs T. Plus is basically I triple Yaser to that Wendy and the ads. Siskel procreate every features such as Beckman, fast upping fast and poor fast
rebbe spanning tree pauses based on the refugee ast t p r s t p a cheapo Yaser to the one w standard art as t e i tipo e Asia The one w natively includes most over the Cisco appropriate re enhancements to the easier to the one D sanity
such as backbone past There are putting fast
ready to PBS T plus has three unique of futures use uses breach of protocol data unit bpd aversion to we just backwards compatible with the easier The one d STP between turn uses a bpd Oh, version zero
All the switches generated videos and send out all the ports every two seconds, whereas in Asia to the one d as dp only the rube rage you sent to the configuration bpd owes part rules rule port decided port out of need to pour in the back of a port. Poor states
uh, this starting learning enough awarding. We'll have a question later on to task this part Poor states
Just remember it. Discarding, running and forward part types Edge Port Port Fast point point On the share report
wrapping PBS He uses ar STP to provide faster emergence when they ar STP part received legacy Asia to the one the BBDO. It falls back to the legacy as teepee and in the inherent inherent of fast convergence benefits of a zero, the one w are lost when it interacts with the legacy bridges.
Siskel recommended that right being a PBS people us
be configured for best convergence. MST, as defined by IEEE, is really s. It is a based on the system audible instance spanning tree protocol M r E s t p I'm I asked TP Asia No. One s is an eye cheap of you standard that allow several villains to be mapped out to do
reduce the number of the spanning tree instances.
This is impossible because most networks do not need more in the fewer logical apologies. Each instance hand those multiple Venus that I have the same layer to topology.
There's this is glass. DP token right has to be as being a friend and the enemy of that re designers and Erica troubleshooters. Throughout the years, STP is required for a layer to you for a network to function properly for Pai three Tennessee and prevention of layer two loops.
Sistol recommends that you designed for the use of this Cisco as teepee talk it
thing has the performance off a cheapo Yaser the Wendy s DPL You're never that diagram here shows where each mechanism has applied on the network per fast per fast causes earlier to land access support to enter the forwarding state immediately bypassing there Listening and learning states
we'll configure for port Fast apart is deal reading as the piano can immediately a transition to the blocking state if necessary
per fast it should be used only one connecting a single at and station to the port They can be enabled on transports Opting confessed acting a fast that provides fast convergence after direct mailing affair fitter, right and can achieve low balancing between redundantly or two links using opting groups
I think a fast cannot be configured on the individual. Be less It is configured on all the aliens over the lands which it is mostly useful when configured on the opening comports off costly switches connecting two distributions reaches this mechanism is in a boat A were rabbit asked GPRS teepee is enabled on the switch.
Thank phone Fast Back on fast provides a fast Phil over when a indirect all innovator offers. It is initiated when ah route port are blockaded. Pour on the network device receives the Imperia BP to use from a two decided of bridge. It is configured on the distribution and the course, which is, by the way, the operating too fast.
This mechanism, it does not need to be enabled with ar STP as a configured
you guard
Luke Art Group guard helps prevent braiding loop so that it could all come because of ah, uni directional length. Later on the point point. Link it to tax reports, block reports on insurance. They keep receiving the videos from the designing a port on the segment. When Luc Picard is a neighborhood,
it is rude or blockade of poorer stops, and receiving the videos from is designing a port
A transitions to the loop. Inconsistent Brock in ST Luc Picard can be in a belladonna purport basis. It must be configured on a point point links on Lee.
It is automatically applied to all active instances or brilliance to reach that port laws. When in a boat on either channel like a link bono and the first link, it becomes, you know, directional a block to the entire channel and to leave affected. A port is removed from the channel.
Luke Gardner cannot be enabled on poor fast port.
Dynamic Avila imports or root guard enable two switches it does not affect operative fast or backbone fast operations.
Boukar Room Guarded Prevents a port from becoming a rude port or block import. One of regard. Port receives their sprayer. BBDO the poor immediately goes to the root inconsistent pocket estate. Route. Guard is configure access wages so that it didn't do not become a route off the span and trees.
BP DioGuardi PDO Guard shuts down a poor that receives a BBDO regards of apart fast configuration in a valley. The configuration part fast. Enable reports do not receive the bpd. Owes reception of BBDO by Apart Fast. A neighbor report signals into invalid a configuration
updo Future updo fielder prevents. Apart from a sending or receiving be videos,
it can be configured on the Purport Basie's one configure Globally. It applies to all operational poor fast ports explicitly configuring poor fast bpd. A few terrain on the part that is not connected to ah host carries Odeon braiding loops.
If a porter configuration isn't all set to the default configuration. The part? Fastest setting?
Well, not in fact, a poor fastly video filtering what a poor fast poor receives. The BBDO immediately loses its operational part. Fast. Stater's BBDO filtering is automatically they say. Vote on a port on STP. Resume sending me videos on report
Running Jack Question number one What Three desire requirements are key. The designer campus A core choose three aliens, lower lid and CB access control C Track a few during the high speed
E ridin links of qs Tacking The question is asking us what the desire requirements are key to designing a campus core. We thinking this way how to improve the performance when you're designing network Right, they gave you give it a little agency
high speed or retaining links, right?
Or access control track computer and accuse tagging. They're all kind of a control mechanisms. It is not only good something you're trying to consider, too,
Um, Desire campus
from a higher level, right? The answer will be a lorry. Lindsay,
the high speed e n a re Dennis
Question number two each Two statements are ar STP poor states.
Remember we discussed this earlier right a starting be learning C blocking the listening.
See this in bloom again. B and B. It's starting already.
Introduce brief lecture we discussed. It has to be design considerations on a systemized teepee. Talk it. We can positives video To look into this form
Any questions? Feel free to contact me. Otherwise I gonna see you in the next video Bye for now.
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