ECC vs. Non-ECC

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Hi and welcome to the camp Tia A plus 2 to +0-1001 module to this is less than 3.3 e c c and non E C c Ram. I'm your structure Bill Price. We're gonna be talking about air correcting versus non air correcting and also parody versus non purity Rams.
So let's go and get started.
Okay, So our lesson objectives for this lesson ISS parody versus non parity. And they were gonna talk about E C C versus non E. C. C. So let's jump right in.
So ram parity versus non parity parity. Checking is a rather simple method of detecting memory airs without any correction capabilities. Basically, every bite has a parity bit associated with it for a total of nine bits per byte, eight data bits plus one parity bit.
The parody bid is set at right time and then calculated and compared at re time to determine if any bids have changed since the data was stored. This type of checking is limited to detection of a single bit air.
There's no correction or made just air. Did just detection of Ares.
Now before e. C. C air detection was done through Perry. Computer Data is stored in eight bit groups called Bites
with parody. 1/9 Bit is used to check for errors and even an odd parody work by adding a bit of either 01 at the end of each bite to make it even Rod.
If even parody was used in the bits in the bite at it. To an odd number like seven, the parody would be one, resulting in an even number of eight. If it's in even parody, Bite evaluates to an odd number, it indicates that this could be indicates the bite is corrupt and we'll be reloaded.
The same for odd parody.
What is non parity? Ram Ram that does not have a nice bit
simple is that
now e. C. C is a little bit more events, so E. C. C versus non easy C ram.
As business depend more on big data. The need to prevent data loss has never been more important. One of the most vital areas from this loss prevention is where data is stored temporarily. That's in the RAM
E. C. C. Or air correction code is similar to parity, but more advance. It can detect multiple errors and data, return from memory and actually correct a single error. E C C Memory has eight extra bits to support E C C. The system board
eyes used most to support E C C and our memory in the system
must be E C C. Four to be actively supported.
Your system board specifications will tell you whether or not you can use e. C. C. So using sec also decreases your peces performance. About 2% current technology. John D. Ram is very stable in memories Are air Memories in RAM are very rare,
so let's have a look at this. If you already have a PC, you need to match the type of memory already installed in your system. If you're unsure whether you have e, c, C or non parity, count the number of small black icy chips mounted on one of your existing sticks
of memory. If the memory of a number of chips on one side is even, as in a 48 you have non e. C. C remembered because it has that extra chip.
If the number of chips on one side is not even in on number as a nine. You hav e c c memory and you can see here from this on graphic right here of what we're talking about. If you have that uneven number, you have the E C C type ram. If you have that Nam, the even number, you have a non easy C ram.
And again, these cannot be mixed.
Okay, so quick review of our lesson. We talked about parity versus non parity, and then we talk about E C C versus non E. C. C. To help you determine and identify those type of different rams and what they're used for in your different setups in situations so
parody versus non parity RAM parity RAM has a basic level of their detection. Even an odd parity RAM has 1/9 bit used for air detection parity. RAM does not correct errors. Just detective
non parity. RAM does not provide any error. Detection.
E C C versus Non E. C. C. Can detect multiple errors and correct one air use for mission critical systems like your servers, your Web servers, your high end machines that's critical in memory. And it also remember, has an extra chip on the memory module. Okay,
so that was a quick lesson in
E. C C versus non E C. C. And parody versus non parity, and we will see you in the next lesson. See them.
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