3.3 AWS Inspector and Trusted Advisor CloudTrail

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Hello, everybody. And welcome to this lecture and this lecture We're gonna be covering the eight of us and Spector trusted adviser and cloudtrail. These service's you'll need to know at a high level just
basically understand what they are. And, ah, you know, it's obvious is probably going to try to trick you. They like to confuse people cause there's, ah, some some overlap and and I can definitely see why individuals would get confused on the service is so and this lecture were
just gonna cover basically what they are and help you kind of identify and
hopefully memorized. The difference is I do encourage you to come back to this lecture even after you finish the whole course and just make sure that you understand the differences. Take notes and, ah, we will go ahead and get started. So starting off with a devious inspector basically it obvious inspector is a security tool.
And that is an automated security assessments service
that will basically assess the security compliance of the applications that are deployed within your AWS infrastructure. And inspector automatically assesses those applications for vulnerabilities or deviations from best practices that, you know, maybe you should have implemented
Or maybe mistakenly, they broke some something like that.
Um and then, Inspector, Well, you know, once once inspectors done with the assessment, you actually receive a detailed list of the security findings,
and it'll be a prioritized from high slow, so it's very convenient. And then, once inspectors done with the security assessment, you will receive a detailed list of security findings organized by priority from Heist, the lowest identifying what the vulnerabilities are
and, uh, coming up with potential suggestions on how you can improve your application or your infrastructure. Whatever you have developed,
Trusted Advisor is another eight of US service at that helps you do multiple things, so it helps you reduce the costs within your application or whatever service is you put together, where there's, like a cloud architecture, something that it identifies areas where you can improve an increase,
the performance of your applications
while also improving security by optimizing your aid. Obvious environment.
Uh, it's gonna be doing this really time kind of guiding you and help being you provisioned. Your resource is to AWS is about best practices,
and as you are messing around with in the console, you're going to see that there will be some recommendations within service is this may not be so apparent as you're studying for the clock practitioner. But when you are preparing for an associate level certification like the solutions architect or the developers that stops,
you are more than likely gonna come across the trusted advisor at one point or another.
Just to kind of help you guide through setting up certain service is because there's just so many options within each service. So very helpful. Trusted Advisor Service is going to offer cortex and recommendations, which is free. And if you have the business or enterprise level account,
then you get full trusted advisor, which includes a lot more features. And I encourage you to take a look
at the end of us. Trusted Advisor, eh? Thank you for more information on the differences and last but not least, a dubious cloudtrail. So we're not gonna touch too much on Cloud Trail. But I didn't want to know that Cloud trip basically is gonna be logging and continuously monitoring the account activity.
So activity that users
in the
eight of us accounts are gonna be doing so basically
imagine, you know, you got security cameras in the building, they're gonna be recording people that come in and out, maybe going into sensitive rooms. Things like that. Cuatro kind of acts very similarly to that. So they're going to continually monitor who's logging in,
who's locking out. What is the user doing that? The user changed permissions, things like that.
in case you ever need to go back and find out, Hey, who created an industry bucket or who shut down that production server, which could be a very big deal. You can always find out and confront that person with real time evidence from Claude Trails because it it audits the, uh,
the activity within the aid of this account.
So very helpful in batches. Summarize the differences between three. Service is remember to come back when you're done and review this. I know that they can be tricky. I know I got tripped up on a couple times, and you probably will receive a few questions in your exam covering one if not a few of these service is. So
make sure your view it.
Make sure you read the FAA cues, and I will see you in the next lecture
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