3.30 Banner Grabbing Lab Instructions Part 3

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19 hours 55 minutes
Video Transcription
welcome back to the course. In the last video, we went over using till net to do some banner grabbing. So again we were able to see that it's got Apache. Web service is running on.
And this radio, we're gonna use a tool called and Excuse me net Cat
s O. You should still be loved into the Kelly environment and also still have the Cali terminal window open again. You could talk clear if you want to clear out the previous commands. And that's all I did here on my machine.
Now we're gonna enter the command for net cats. So let's look at our lab document here. So at the prompt, we want to enter N. C all over case a space that our target I P address, which is 100 to 16801 and then our port, which is gonna be port 80 for H T T P.
All right, so let's go ahead and just type that in there. So n c for end cat, and then our i p address the 1 92.168 dot 0.1
space and then the number 80.
Well, go ahead and get that going.
All right, So the next thing we want to do on our lab document here is we want to enter this command so that get command again. Space four slash DV w ays force last space http. Forward slash 1.1. So let's go ahead and cut that in.
Get all capitals
face forward slash DV w a forward slash
face all capitals. Http for slash 1.1.
Well, then just percenter on the keyboard there,
and then the next command we want to do here is this host one So hosts colon space 1 92.168 dot 0.1. So that's our target machine.
So hosts
Coghlan's faced 102.168 dot 0.1.
Okay, I was gonna press enter
and you'll see that we want to do a similar thing as we did in the last lap till net. We want a press center a couple of times here just until it starts kicking back outfit for So there we go,
which she is kicking back some out before so similar thing here. We see that it's since we're doing the same target machine. We see that we're running Apache.
Let's go back to our lab document here. So are there any results from running this command? You? Well, yes, of course there are. We are getting some output there were able to see that it is running Apache 2.4 point 23 So we would just make a note of that here. So we would just say that Yes, we are running this and it's running
and this is a version number.
So in this lab, we just went over using that cap neck, and again it was similar to use into the town that some of the commands with the same again. We're just banter grabbing here. We're just grabbing some information about whatever the target machine is, what kind of operating system that might be running. So, the next video, we're gonna use end map to do a similar process here
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