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all right, sports fans, that is domain three. We are halfway through the C s of the C. C s P certification exam. In this chapter, we looked at infrastructure security. We look at the cloud service provider platforms that we started off talking about our physical
environment and just the responsibilities of the CSP and some physical security concerns. We then looked at the network, and we talked about, you know, just basic things, like,
you know, controlling data flow in traffic. You know, that's important for availability, swells, making sure that our service providers using secure protocols has redundancy throughout the links, and so on.
The main functions that we get from or two of the main functions we get from cloud service provider is the computer storage function. How do they monitor? How did they controlled
Those service is that they provide to us
cloud infrastructure components at the CSP. What are those elements that come together to provide that basic infrastructure that we can use in our environment for our own benefit? We looked at risk management and we said risk management's the basis for everything. What do you protecting and what's it worth?
What are the threats and vulnerabilities.
What is the potential for Los Take that potential for loss versus the cost of the countermeasure and make a good decision for your controls based on cost benefit announces. But remember, cost is not always dollars.
So we look at the cost of a security control. You also have to think about things like performance. You have to think about ease of use. You have to think about backwards, compatibility and a lot of other elements.
Um, we looked at designing and planning some different types of controls for different sorts of situations. And then the last section we wrapped up with was disaster recovery and business continuity. So I hope the main three has been helpful for you. Ah, stick around. We'll see for domain for
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