3.2 Cisco Best Practices for Access and Distribution Core Layers Design

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Hello, Welcome back, says Go certified the line associate C C D a r Gilfry Lice and 3.2 I'm your instructor way.
In the previous video, we talked about Enterprise Landline Land Devices. From this video, we will begin to introduce the Cisco past practices for the axes, distribution and 1/4 years
pre assessment question. Which Siskel technology can connect the more than two switches so that they behaved as one switch 1/3 Channel B trunk ing see the SS T stack. Wise and B are not related to this question. CVS s only support up to two switches
and ah sort of platform
6500 switch 6800 on off 4500 switches. So the answer's gonna be Steckel wise.
These are the talking we didn't discuss today. Cisco past practices for the Axis distribution on a core layers design
accidentally or past practices traditionally or to accidentally or design.
This is the de facto model used the where villains are defining the distribution switches ages. Archy gateways are configured a fall of villains with the active in standby and it STP Roop rages configured There's no little boxing because STP is used, so only one up link is active for each villain
layer free links are used in between the core and the dispute Shin sweeties
with the rotting particle
updated Lear to access earlier in this model, the distribution switches are still that demarcation between the layer to earlier three boundaries. The difference now is that the SS is configured in the distribution lier. The S s is scored on 456,500 and 6800 series switches
with the S s both access switched up rings are used,
doubling the being with from axe switches to the distribution pair. The ball, not a pair is called Ahmadi chances either channel NBC, which creates a look freed apology with a one ge Uh, Pinks, you will now have a tube geek GPs of our pink of being with where the 10 g e
our blinks. You will have a 20 GPS of are bringing the band with
because of the s s is used. There's no need for a first hot rodding protocols such as H S R p, this solution and provides a faster convergence that traditionally or two accident design
layer three access earlier with this design motto, the layer three d mark is pushing it. It acts as a layer, right? Uh, the accident Lear switches out, Venus, define and act as the default gateways note is that the lands will not be able to span across access wages.
Right. Well, you're free. Leans are now used for the axes layer to the distribution switches to the core. The user off h S R P is not necessary right on Ahab burrito Access earlier combines the user then layer to switching away. The layer free added the axes earlier
in this these lines seven bananas are defining the access layer and other seen a switch here.
There are layer free and they're touring speech in the distribution switches, and it acts creatures with a layer to the links as t. P is doing in the network. This designed out of recommended because it has the added the complexity of makes the layer to only or three exes layers per villain.
He used the right community of best practices for the building access layer lemon of aliens to a single cross it when possible to provide the most a deterministic and a highly available. Apologies Use Rapid Providence, Panici plus PBS Deep R P V S T Positive. STP is a record
It provides for faster convergence than traditional azure to the one D default timers
trying to all in on me to know negotiate crew in. I used that Venus to avoid a broadcast, the propagation commonly done on the distribution switch the D p B two B three automatically pruned. I used the villains use of the van tracking protocol BTP Transparent mode
Because there's little need for a common villain database in Harajuku networks.
This evil Chungking, our host the pores because it is a nut necessary. Doing so provides more security and a speed up our fast considering implementing rotting in the accident here to provide fast convergence. Earlier, Friedel balancing uses a switch port, host community
server and user reports to enable part fast and the disabled channeling
on these pores
out immediately. You can use the Hispanic tree apart. Fast default global commands
the distributional e R. Aggregate. All costed switches are connected to the core Lear distribution considerations for the distribution. We are including providing where speed performance are reports, link redundancy and infrastructure service is
all right.
The distribution lier should not be limited. Id Teoh performance thanks to the core mass to be able to support of the being away they used by the aggregate accident. You're sweet. She's read ending links from the accident used to the distribution layer from the distribution earlier to the courtly or a law for high availability In the event about
link theater
infrastructure service, including quality surveys, configuration security and a policy enforcement accidentally, our list are configured in a distribution layer.
The following are recommended bass practices that the distribution layer used. First. Harbury Dennis He Protocols House stand by Rodder Protocol H S R P or getaway Lobato Sing
Pergo Dopp should be used. The View implemented. Layer two links between the layer to access reaches distribution layer usually or three routing protocols between the distribution and the car Screeches to allow for fast convergence and a little about using only pure awnings that you intend to use as transit
beautifully or free. Tran goes on the squares, uses the distribution Sweet you two connected layer to be danced, asked a mouthful. Axes in their speeches
summarize rows from the distribution into the core of the network to reduce the routing overhead.
Use virtual assuaging system B s s as a no option described in the following paragraph. Two minute they use the best teepee and in the need for H S r p
the s s service th STP I use a block it or links problem by converting the distribution straight. Compare into a logical single switch with the S s. The physical topology changes as each access which has a single upstream of distributions which verses are having to upstream distribution switches
The bundled access Which pair is called a Mountie chancy either channel NBC, which creates ah freed apology eliminated as T p B s s is configure only on Cisco 456,500 and 6800 C or switches. The two switches are connected by a 10 G evenings
called a virtual switching links B s cells, which makes them less seem as a single switch.
The key benefit of a V s s included following Lear. Free switching can be used to toe all the access layer simplified management of a single configuration of the B S s distributions Rich
batter return on investment are I by increased the being way between the accident layer and a distribution layer. No need to come figure and I fetch you R p and such as h S r p o R v r v
The pendulum. The network a size right. A core lier met our men not be needed for larger never exploding distributions reaches are aggregated of the court. This is called a collapsed of court. This provides the highest be the connective ity to the server farm or a Dennis enter into the enterprise edge to the one
out of the Internet.
The dead room here shows the criticality of the course cities.
The core of must provide a high speed switching with retentive paths of her high availability. All of decision points.
The Cora Masters support get to be the speeds and add a voice integration. Right?
Here's the corner, your best practices. It reduces the switch, appearing by using retaining a triangle. Connections between switches use the routing that provided apology with Nolan or two loops which are seeing in layer two links to using STP
user layer free switches on the core that provided intelligence service is that earlier two stages the now support
use the two equal cost the paths to every destination their work.
Morning Jack
Grassy number one. Which statement about the SS is true? A. Requires h S r p b A car's STP for Lincoln identity. See a house to control planes Theeighty cam intended quality independently of STP is the answer Will be deep became intendant Apology independent of STP
It doesn't require chase RP.
It doesn't require us tp right They consulted their control plane. Don't only gotta one control creating one dead a pain
Question number two which designed the recommended Joe Patrick desire for Roddy Did apology a linear B triangular See rectangular The circular Always go with the trend for B.
In today's brief lecture, we discussed the best practices from campus. Never desire
any questions. Feel free to contact me. Otherwise it can assuming the next of Edo by for now
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