3.16 BCDR Scenarios

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All right. Now, on these next two slides, we've got a couple of different scenarios for business continuity and disaster recovery specific to the club. Now, organizations that haven't migrated to the cloud, they don't have infrastructures of service.
They're storing their data on Prem or, you know, on their premises. May still be using Cloud service is as a disaster recovery site. So I manage everything on my internal network. However, in the event of a disaster, I also have Dad accessible from the cloud.
That's very common. Traditionally, that's been the way that we've used the clouds. We back up to that location. However, you know, how often do we back up to the cloud? How compatible are the systems that were using?
You know, we're gonna be storing in a virtual environment on the cloud. So, you know, it may not be a smooth the transition, necessarily, as as we think that it would be Now, if we are already on the cloud
for business continuity purposes, we can use that same cloud service provider and have them provide business continuity.
Right. So, you know, if there's an issue with a portion of their infrastructure, do they take our infrastructure or our network environment or whatever resources are, and move them to another area. That's very common,
right? You know, with these large cloud service providers, they have disaster recovery plans, business continuity plans. So we allow them to deal with that environment and just transfer. Now, the third option is we're already a cloud service provider with provider A. But
we have business continuity. Disaster recovery handled through service provider be. We have another location for the sake of redundancy and for the sake of disasters.
Um, this is more expensive because we have two C S. P s that were using for redundancy. We need to make sure that service level agreements in M o use which are referenced here memorandum of understanding, you could also hear that is an M away
memory and of agreement. We want to make sure that both of those pieces air clearly in place.
Expectations are identified when in doubt document document, Doc
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