3.12 Countermeasures Across the Cloud

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okay. The counter measures that we talked about here shouldn't surprise you. These air just foundational principles of network security
layer defense. There is no one device that will protect your network. So when we think, well, your defense, we think of a series of controls protecting our resource is we'll think about physical controls, technical controls, administrative controls and making sure that we're not again that phrase Putting all your eggs in one basket.
I just spent $50,000 on a firewall. Well, that's fine.
But there are a 1,000,000 other elements that that firewall can't be guaranteed to protect against so
layer defense. Redundancy, redundancy, redundancy and not just redundancy. Comprehensive redundancy. Backups for data redundancy, Raid for hard driver done and see cluster for server redundancy, multiple links for physical
network, redundancy and on and on that comprehensive
redundancy of all the elements,
automation of controls could be referred to his orchestration of controls. Again, This could be a double edged sword because when you take the human element away, you minimize the possibility of mistake or you minimize the human, you know, element there. But
any time you're allowing systems to communicate and do things without any sort of human interaction. Um,
there's the opportunity for spoofing There's the opportunity for modification that might go on detected. So we think about both those elements. But when we can automate we do, I don't mean we do it blindly. Um, you know, we image systems.
Why? Because it saves us a ton of time in an insurer's consistency. And insurers
security. Um, we do things in batches. We let the batches run. But of course, before we turn on the automation of the feature, we test and we check, and we insure that what's being automated is done. So probably
access controls. Talked about those
cloud service provider needs access controls for their physical location. They're hyper visor. Those elements we need access control for the elements that are ours that are gonna be accessed through the cloud. A so same counter measures that you think about for network security again. These are
as important or even more so when you're looking at clouds porch
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