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Hi, everyone. And welcome to the county A A plus 2 to 0 dash ones. Those are one module to this is less than three ram types and features were gonna be discussing different types of RAM and the features of RAM. I'm your structure, Bill Price
says we're gonna outline of our upcoming lessons in less than three. So first we're gonna start talking about the different types of RAM. We're going to start off talking about the dim on move on up to the newer versions of RAM. Then we're going to start talking about air correcting RAM, our air correcting code
E C C and non E C C ram
Also going to be talking about parity and non parity Ram rams that detect airs with parity and rams that correct air skinny rams that correct
errors with E C C and non E C C.
Also, we're gonna talk a little bit about Ram configurations. We're gonna dive into that. We're going to start talking about the trip of the dual channel, the Triple Channel Rams and the memory bus. Talk a little bit about DDR, the double data rate of RAM into some um in depth,
detailed conversations about that.
And we're gonna finish off with troubleshooting and stalling around. We're gonna actually go to the lab and show you how to install RAM. And how so, How to troubleshoot? Basically, after Stahl around, things go wrong, what to look for and how you can tell that the ram is properly installed.
So we're going to go ahead and get started and jump into the first lesson.
I will see you then.

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