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to staying fresh. This is an interesting piece we found. You can see some of the links that we have here of the bottom. We found this article,
another website that does a little training as well. But essentially, this generates a lot of what we've talked about previously. But we want to bring this to your attention as well, not staying fresh. And this was a point that Mark made earlier. And she and I think you touched on This is well, and I mentioned it as well, but
I constantly have to be learning as a pen tester. And that's a good thing. That's an exciting part. I think of
what this career has to offer and a couple of things to think about with staying fresh, learning about all kinds of new technology. And you're not just limited to cyber tools to computers.
Lots of technology is gonna be important for you to understand. To be aware of
another piece of the wanted to highlight as well is continuing to be a good listener, you know, and a good communicator
as a pen tester. You gonna be listening for a lot, you know, physically listening, but also just intuitively listening to what's going on and where vulnerabilities may exist. And the other piece that we touched on as well, remaining skilled of social engineering. The human element, as Mark mentioned, is always an important factor. It is the weakest link in cyber security,
so moving forward,
just a quick mention here. All talk of joining a career path very briefly. We have some information for you on our website. If you're interested joining a career path, you can jump out to the cyber website after the Webinar. Don't leave now and take a look at what we have to offer in the career pass that would be available to you. A lot of people have come to us
and really enjoying the programs,
all of us. I think a lot of good feedback about what's happening inside the insider pro program was a lot of good information that's available to you and love support that's available. I've heard that over and over that the support people get provided as they're doing their training is invaluable. So let's move on now.
We talked a lot about the pen testing career itself,
so now let's talk about what you can dio if you're ready to make the leap and build a resonate. And obviously we know some of you are on the call today. I'm not ready to do that, but be thinking about this as you're moving forward.
Possible responsibilities and elements for your pen testing pen tester Resonate may include the following, and again, I've italicized a couple of things here,
competent to discuss underlying technology with product developers. Again, you have to know what's underneath a lot of which we're looking at, and you need to be able to talk with product developers, et cetera, and other folks as well.
Another piece that I tell his eyes on this list and I won't go through all of these again today. You can take a look at this as I'm speaking, could be reading and go back and review the Webinar after we're finished experience in reverse engineering or disassembly. This is gonna be key. And again, this goes to the pen tester mindset of understanding how things work
and how to break things down, and how to reverse engineer Ari
elements that you may be looking at Okay,
so let's move on to the next piece here.
I always like to mention this piece on the webinars Customizing your resume is gonna be really important. And you may be groaning at this point and thinking, Why would I do that? You know, I'm applying for a lot of jobs and it's gonna take me a lot of time to customize my resume, but it is gonna be very important for you to do so If you want to target jobs
and you want to speak to essentially the hiring manager when I say speak, I mean through your resonating,
you want to speak to them that you know, that you're
basically what you're talking about and that you understand what the job is looking for. You need to customize the resume to match what the position is looking for, what the elements are listed just within the job description that you may find online and elsewhere. Okay, so think about that.
So he's kind of my pitch that I make to you guys
and I'll move on from here
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