3.1 Learning Objectives Section 2

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Okay. Welcome back. We are moving on to section two on Dhe. Section two is gonna be all about the lab, right? Actually, configuring those zones using the PF sense far wall and, you know, jumping back and forth between a couple of e ems virtual machines
to ah, showcase
What? Filtering,
blocking, allowing traffic. Looks like on a firewall, this particular firewall again, it's PF sense also the learned objectives really quick for this section.
Now we're gonna be creating three different, isolated network segments, right? So we want to learn why we want to do that. How we could achieve that on a p of sense firewall. Also, we want then establish route in through or between the various networks segments. Right. So we're in control about begin inbound
in outbound traffic.
How do we do that? Using the PFC inspire. Well, what does that actually look like? We talked about this a little bit in section one, and lastly, the three zones we're looking to create are gonna be the land the win in the d. M Z.
Right. And based off off your knowledge of what a land. When in d m z r.
You're gonna put certain controls around those network excitements, right? Because you know that in the d m z, you're probably gonna have public facing websites, right? That's where you're gonna put your web APS. Things that our customer facing, maybe on your land. That's where you have your internal network. And so there's a reason why we wanna
segment we want label,
um, are zones so that we know what type of controls to put on them. Okay, so let's move on to a couple of housekeeping things, and I will jump into the lab.
housekeeping items. This lab is a paid offering from Sai Mary. Right. So if if you don't have a membership that, um
allows you to have access to this lab, what can you do?
Number one? You could inquire about a paid membership, right That way. You get right to the meat of was you care about which is configuring those owns and and actually being able to put hands on keyboard and do the work yourself. What's cool about what I'm about to do is
you get to see the loud without paying for it, right? This is
gonna be a nice way if you get a good preview off the lab environment in which you could potentially get if you decided to get a paid membership on. The other thing that you can do is you could bypass a paid membership at Cyberia. You could download PF Sense Community edition
off their firewall for free. I put the link on the slide that is visible team Now, for those that are just listening, it's https www dot pf sense that or or its last download. You go there,
read through the information, and you'll be able to download the eye. So
make sure you and you understand that you need to have certain requirements on your desktop or laptop. Make sure you have enough memory so you could run multiple of'em is concurrently. You're gonna need a hyper visor, right Virtual box V and where. Workstation. If you're on the windows or fusion, if you're on Mac
And there's many more out there
that you could either download free in terms of hyper visor, or you could get paid versions like the ones that I put up here for a BM. Where,
um, the other thing that you're gonna want to do is make sure you get some other PM's right so that you can actually filter traffic for those particular virtual machines that you set up in your network or in your lab environment. So ah, Windows OS Lennox os or you could,
you know, get both Lennox get a you bun to get a cent OS,
something that's free and available to you if you're comfortable going that route.
Um, after downloading the axle file and installing p of sense and get in those other two of'em up and running into your environment, keep in mind that you're probably gonna have to create a virtual switch, right? Get those virtual interface is going and then place those,
um, three virtual machines, your PF sense your windows or your to Lennox boxes on those separate
V lands or virtual switches before you move forward with. Actually, you know, creating the network zones on PF sent. So there's there's a lot to it, but I think whether or not you decide to download it yourself or follow along, it'll all start coming together for you fairly quickly here.
If you don't have any experience with it
or if you got a little bit and a lot of this seems to be redundant information that you probably already know. So just wanted to take care of those housekeeping tips for you. And we're going to get right into the labs after this. Thanks so much for being here. Stay tuned.
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