3.1 LAN Devices

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Video Transcription
Welcome back, Cisco Certified Design Associate
Model three license 3.1 I'm your instructor Wing.
In previous video we talked about it. There were design mottoes, high availability never devices. From this video, we will begin to introduce interpersonal and design line devices. Pre assessment. Question. What type of device can be installed to increase a broadcast? A mean a rotter
Be switch. C i d S t I P s
rotter will stop the broadcast. A mean I d. S. I. P s are not related to this question.
So the ends, we're gonna be be switch switch. You only increase a broadcast on me.
Here's the topic today.
Here we will cover the hardware devices and how to apply them. Thio Land design.
Pleased to know that repeaters and the hubs are included here For historical reasons. You place devices in the land depending on the their rules and the capabilities. Land devices are categorized based on how they operate in the open systems Interconnection. Why I say tomato.
We will cover the following the vices of problem land repeaters, Hobbs and breeding is sweetie's rodders Lear three switches
Repeaters are the basic unit and networks they had to connect the separated second dance repeaters taking incoming frames regenerate the preamble, amplify it a signal on a set in the frame out. All other interviews is
repeaters operated a physical layer off the OS ie moto. Because repeaters are aware of the package or frame formats, they do not control broadcasts or a clay. Shinto means repeaters are said to be protocol transparent because they are unaware of op earlier particles such as I p
Internetworking Packet Exchange I p. Accent. It's all
repeaters were common in the 19 eighties and early 19 nineties in the networks, but were replaced by switches
House. With the increasing density of the lands in the late 19 eighties and early 19 nineties, hubs were introduced to the concentrated thing that the 10 based T networks in the wearing Cossitt
traditional hubs operate on the physical layer over the OS. A model in a performance, same functions as basic and repeaters.
The difference is that Hobbes having more ports than basically repeaters hubs were eventually replaced. Bass wages,
bridges, bridges connected separate segments of a network. They differ from repeaters, and that bridge are intelligent devices that operating the dangling layer of the OS Enomoto Brady's control. The collision toe means on the network.
Bridges also learned the Mac address off each note on each segment. Oh no, we change our visit. They are located
for any incoming frame. Bridges forward of the frame on Lee gave the destination. Mac address is on another part, or even a bridge is unaware. RV its location.
The latter is called Flooding Breathes. Bridges filter any incoming frames where that that's the nation Mac addresses that are on the same segment from where the frame arrives. They do not forward. This frame's bridges are storing forward devices. They store the entire frame and verify the SEC. Click
redundancy Jack CRC Before forwarding a vertebrae ***. They attacked us TRC error. They discovered a
The frame bridges are protocol transparent. They are unaware of the op. Earlier particles such as I P I P X and oppo Talk Bridges Air decided to flood all unknown and broadcast the traffic
bridges. Implement a spanning tree Progress TP to build our loop free narrative quality Bridges communicated with each other, exchanging information such as priority and bridging her face. Mac addresses they slack the rube rage and the implement STP
semi interfaces Aaron Blocking State Whereas all the bridges out the interviews is in forwarding mode, STP has no lo sharing outdo path as there is the rotting as teepee provides recovery of Bridget fitter by changing Brockett interfaces toe a forwarding state Have a primary link fails.
Although Dag and IBM aver fins are available, The eye tipo Yaser the one D standard The standard is ask TP. Most commonly used spanning, tree paralyzed Teepees elects a rube rage as the cheese root A places all ports that are not needed to reach the route bridge in block mode, right?
Ah, the selection over the Route Bridge is based on the lowest unknown America Bridge Priority. The Brady Priority. Renee's from 0 to 65535 If all bridges I have the same bridge Priority The bridge with the lawyers. The Mac address becomes the route physical 10 years to the narrow force spanning she recalculation.
Bridges are being replaced with the use of a switches that performed the raging functions.
Switches, switches, use a specialized. They integrated a circuits to reduce the Laden See common to regular bridges. Stretches are the evolution of the Brady's some switches. Can Ryan cut through mode, where the switch does not wait for the entire frame to entreats buffer. Instead,
it begins to forward the frame astral as it finishes reading the destination Mac address
car through operation increases the probability that frames read. The errors are propagated on the network because of the four words of the frame about for the in terror frame is offered and a check for errors. Because of these problems, most assuages today
perform store and forward operation, as bridges do.
Switches are exactly the same as bridges with respect, a collision demand and a broadcast the main character sticks. Each part on this ridge is a separate equation. Demand by default. All ports and a switch are in the same product *** domain assignment to different billions. The changes the behaviour
switches have a character sticks a similar to Brady's. However, they have more reports on read faster switches. Keep table of the Mac addresses, purport the implement, ask TP switches are dead ling layer of devices. They are transparent to particles operating at a net really year and above
each port on the switch is a separate a collision domain but is part of the same product. Hostile me
So it is done out of control broadcasts on the network, the use of lance wages instead of a bridges or Hobbes as nearly universal switches are preferred over shared technology because they provide food bandwith in each direction When configuring into plaques mode
all the devices on the harbor I shared a being within a single collision of me.
Switches can also use a beat as to provide more segmentation.
Rogers Rogers making forwarding decisions based on that word layer addresses. When I Ethan had frame enters the router that Layer two Hatters. We've removed the router forwards based on that layer free ikey address on as a nuclear to address the egress interface.
In addition to controlling inclination to meas rodders, Bond data Link Layer broadcast a means each interphase on a rotter is a separate broadcast. Omi Rodders did not fall where damning layer broadcasts if he defines network layer, broadcast the domains with a sub net and mask.
Runners are aware of the never prodigal,
which means
Big Temple, where the package is based on I p layer information. This diagram shows a broader each intervenes is a broadcast an equation to me, right? Rodders exchanging information about that's the nation networks Using one of several routing protocols, rodders use routing protocols that to build a list of a destination
network and identify the past rows
to reach those destinations. The following are examples of rotting protocols Intensive interrogate away brought in protocol Yeah, Sharpie Open Shorty's A PATH First, Wes P. F
Barbara Gateway Prodigal BDP routing information from Rip Intermedia and System to Intermediate System I s I s
Rodders translate deadening go protocols. They are the preferred method of ah forwarding package between networks of different deferring media such as Ethan add to zero. They also provide matters into the future traffic based on the never earlier address
Raul Redundancy Laban using hierarchical, addressing and multi cast the rotting
they're free stretches earlier lands, which is that that I can run routing particles or mayor free switches. The switches can ride routing protocols out of communicating with the neighboring rodders. They are also referred to as the multi layer switches.
But there are three switches have a land technology interfaces that perform that really layer packet forwarding
the use of assuaging technology is out of the net. Layer crudely accelerates package forwarding between connected and lance, including millions. You can use the rotter capacity you'll save to implement other features, such as a security few during an intrusion. Detection.
Lear three stages performance functions of both of the Datalink earlier switches
and in that really routers.
Each port is clay. Shinto, me. You get a group of ports into never clear broadcast domains. Some dates, as we have the writers are routing. Protocol provides the network information to other never layer devices. Someday it's a routing protocol provides an entry information. The other they're free stretches on the rodders.
Here's the summarize off Lance witches.
There's a bridge swayed rodders earlier. Three switches right,
Burning jack. Question number one. What is the reason for a switching? Preferred on share. Two segments. A sway to the seconds provides that question. No man for each a host be shared. The segments provide operation demand for each host
see shared. A second is provided. Broadcast a man for each host thesis wed to the segments. Provide a broadcast domain for each host. As we know sweet to the second man's provides up creation domain for each host. Each switch port is a question to me.
The every switch, all the switches shared a one single broadcast on me. So D is not right, right? B and C are both are wrong too. So the answer is a switch of the second man to provide a relation domain for each host.
Question number two earlier to desire approach. How can you describe STP redundancy? A. Only one link is active per time. Be at a redistribute to the traffic between links. See a uses the most efficiency of ah redundant slink. DEA uses all irritable links for better performance.
The answer is a only, um
one link is active per time. That's the mechanisms to have prevented a loop of for STP spanning tree particle
as there is a
introduce brief lecture with disgusting land devices.
Any questions? Feel free to contact me. Otherwise they're gonna see you in the next video.
Bye for now
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