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All right, let's move on to domain three. After this will be halfway there, so I'm gonna encourage you. Keep coming along. Keep taking your notes.
Um, just you'll see some repetition the more we move forward through the material. So some of this into Maine. Three we've already at least touched upon, but this particular domain cloud platform and infrastructure security.
So what we'll talk about is physical environment of the data center. And, of course, that's the cloud service providers responsibility, right? I don't have any control over their physical location, but it's still my problem if there's an issue there. So once again we think about those
service level agreements. We think about audits. We want to ensure that their physical location is secured, that it's environmentally controlled, that it's a safe place.
Distort my information. All right, well, look. Att Network communications. From a cloud perspective, talk a little bit about software defined networking. We'll talk about the functions that we get from our cloud service provider. We're getting that compute function. We're getting the storage function,
a CZ part of the elements we need. We'll look at some other components of the infrastructure,
then we'll talk very briefly about risk management. And, you know, we've already kind of addressed risk management from, you know, a little bit, and we'll kind of reiterate some ideas there. Uh, we will talk about the security controls that need to be in place and will plan for them and design them.
And then we'll reference will talk about a little bit more and again will continue throughout the course to talk about sass to recovery and business continuity.
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