3.1 Conclusion

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Video Transcription
Hey, everyone, welcome back to the core. So in the last videos we wrapped our labs in this video. We're just gonna cover a quick conclusion.
Now, in this course we talked about in the introduction section we talked about in an introduction to the course. Of course. Right. So we talked about things like who? Dave and I are a little bit about our background, the course objectives as well as we mentioned the structure of the course again on demand videos and several labs.
Now, as we also mentioned, make sure you down little supplement of resource is that will be very beneficial to you. And then in this video, we're just wrapping up in our conclusion. No next update is gonna do a quick goodbye. He wanted just jumping into a quick goodbye. So we'll let him say goodbye to everyone again. I just want to thank you for taking this course. And then once he's done, will jump back in and talk about some of the courses you should be taking
coming up next.
Hello. I hope you've enjoyed the course again. My name is David Apprentice, and here I am to tell you. Thank you very much for joining. The session's going down the road. I do have a lot of material. And a lot, of course, is to be implementing number one, whether it's from coding number two, whether it's from debugging, etcetera.
The main purpose here is for one to understand
how an ethical hacker works and how that one can learn as how to deflect this and also how to go through Cyberia that I t. To go ahead and gain their certifications through E. C Council et cetera.
Uh, now what I'll do in additional videos is I'll go in and share several links. Several not only just my Facebook or my Instagram Arlington, but will further deep dive into my get hub. Also my stack overflow accessory. There's a multiple array.
I hope you can learn from this. Any questions, Comments, concerns. Please feel free to reach out. To me, I am more than happy and more than available to go ahead and answer everything. If there's something I don't know, I'll definitely get back to you with that.
I am always online, et cetera, and I'll share my information, furthermore, so that everybody is always in tune, thanks to cyber and thank you for all your students for having interest.
I'll see you soon.
All right. Well, thank you today for jumping in and just saying your goodbyes and let us know that you have some awesome courses coming up. Also, some other next steps for you if you're interested in penetration, testing it. For some reason, you haven't gotten interested in that from all the media hype about hacking and stuff like that. By the way, it's not as exciting as it may seem. There's a lot of reporting and stuff like that involved,
but anyways,
you could take the penetration testing unethical hacking course you're on cyber as well as the advanced pen testing course. Also, I recommend Callie Lennox Fundamentalist you going to give you a foundational knowledge, especially since we used, like the tool at her cap and this video, and then the also the breaking stuff with Joe Siri's. So if you're interested and different tools that you could use for different attacks,
definitely check out Joe Perry's seriously the easy director of researchers Ivory.
He's got an awesome Siri's, where he goes over many tools, find a side of Kelly Lennox.
All right, so again, thanks for watching the course, and we'll see in the next one
Session Hijacking

This course covers session hijacking, which is where an attacker takes over a legitimately established session between a user and host. This is normally seen between a user and a Web server, but it could occur with a Telnet session or other TCP-based connection.

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