3.1 Conclusion

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Video Transcription
they have one cannot reveal. Here, master instructor. A cyber again. I'm here with Dave. Could practice. We want to thank you for finishing the course We always enjoy when you get to the end. And I know you enjoy it too. We hope you enjoy the course. We just want to mention that in this course, we covered
some labs, so we got a little hands on day showed you it ransomware attack. He also showed you some encryption again. He's gonna be having a course come out on setting up your own hacking lab as well as the future course on running your own Mauer. So exciting steps of Mauer interest you at all. Definitely keep an eye out for this course is
in the last video. We wrapped up our lab, so Dave wrapped up his particular labs.
And we also just want to mention that with this course. And we kind of mentioned in the introduction video with this course, some of the piggyback courses coming out or things like our analysis by David Visor as well as a lot of other Mauer related courses coming out on the site. So we just want to mention that We want to thank everyone for taking this course and we want to wave good bye to everybody
and we'll see in the next course.
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This malware analysis training course covers basic information about things like viruses, worms, Trojans, ransomware, and more.

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