3.1 Conclusion

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This is computer forensics file formats. Why you should be using a F F four.
All right, well, that's it for today's course. Um, today we discussed what is a f F four? Um, I said problems common associated with forensic file formats, you know, used in tools that aren't quite as up to date. And the advantages of a four which could really be summarized is just It's
just speed. It really has its speed and the quality of the image
on. And then we talked a little bit about some of the tools. We will explore those tools in depth in upcoming courses, and, ah, always, like I said, Come run with us.
Computer Forensics File Formats: Why you Should be Using AFF4

If you’re not using AFF4 (Advanced Forensics File Format v4) then your forensics process is stuck in the past. In this course we’ll be discussing the performance problems associated with the Expert Witness Format (E01/EX01) and raw or DD forensic images.

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