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2 hours 25 minutes
Video Transcription
Okay, So what did we cover in this module? Ah, well, we learned quite a bit. We covered all the different types of us. Be drop attacks. There are.
First we covered What h i d spoofing devices are on those air devices that emulate keyboards and Attackers can program pre program keystrokes into them. And we learned it has its own scripting language called Dougie script.
Then we talked about the malicious file slash code attack and how those used every day flash drives and Attackers put a malicious code within files or malicious files directly on these devices. Then we talked about the social engineering link attack and how Attackers put links to Web sites that
can direct users to number things. They can direct them to fishing sites that
harvester prevent credentials or extort victims or download additional Mauer.
Then we talked about the USB kill devices and how these devices use the devices electricity against itself and kill majority advices. These these US b killed vices get plugged into.
Then we talked about zero day attacks and how those air attacks that have no patch available that really are only known by the attacker
and how that sort of ill defined because it can go with the malicious file slash code attack.
Next, we're gonna be discussing how Attackers disguised their attacks. How Attackers do reconnaissance for their attacks and how Attackers eventually deploy their attacks. But first we're going to do a few questions is to test your knowledge.
Okay, So first question here, what is the name of the scripting language used in human interface and Dr spoofing devices?
Is it a quack e script? Be Gussie script. See? Chicken script or D Ducky script?
The answer is of course, D ducky script. Ah, switch to the falling is not a type of us be drop attack is a malicious file slash code attack. Is it be human interface? Dr. Spoofing attack,
Is it? See steganography, or is it d us be killed?
The answer is, of course, see steak ***. And that is actually the practice of hiding file within another file already. So let's move on to the next module.
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