Windows in the Work Environment

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Hello, everybody. And welcome to this lecture and this lecture. We're gonna be covering Microsoft Windows for your work environment. So that would be feel like your office, your enterprise organization. This should be a short lecture, but let's go ahead and get started.
So windows for your work environment. As of right now, you know that's Windows is an operating system that runs, and you can use it for your personal tasks, or you can use it for your work. It's something that you see
in person. But what you probably don't know. Maybe you do. Have you been working an I T. You probably do know this
Windows server is an operating system that runs on servers, hence the name. And it supports devices such as yours that you may be using to watch this course right now, if you are running windows or if you were running Lennox or Mac. Actually, all of these operating systems can work alongside when those server
ah, and you work in any type of office setting. Chances are you do have a server
and that server maybe running windows on it's like Windows Server 2012 or 2016
and those servers performs specific tasks. Things like supporting your devices. If you're using an enterprise device, maybe you need thio. Join a domain, and so you would have a domain server server that runs Windows as an operating system, like when those server.
And it has thea Active directory and domain control or
built into it or installed onto it and configure to manage your device along with the other devices in your company.
Another use for Ah Windows in the work environment is to create an I. I s server, which is a Web server similar to Lennox or Ah Apache. Similar to an Apache server
it hosts files up in the cup in the Web so that you can access those through your Web browser like www Duck.
Whatever your Web site dot com about could be hosted through an I s server.
And those are things that are managed by when those server it can take care of the security concerns for people in your organization by restricting you know, users and the company from doing certain things, accessing websites, opening stern applications or downloading applications. Things like that.
It has a lot of features that are great for everybody.
Um, you can create, you know, futures for specific departments and conserve lots of employees across the globe depending on how you configure ever all the settings.
So, uh, one other thing that we talked a little bit about is that when the server can handle domain service is basically what a domain is is just a large database of all the users and your organization, where all the groups in your organization that needs to be managed.
And what I mean by that is that you need to make sure that those users have what they need and only what they need in order to do their job.
Those things can be ah, handled by the domain controller. You can start by managing who has access into the resource is the files. The service is that you allow your employees to access. Maybe you only allow certain employees to access. Those are other things that could be dictated by the domain controller and the domain service's,
which is all handled by the windows in the work environment. When those server.
So those are some of the pretty cool things you can do. All these things can be managed with an essential place. Centralized place so your user management can be done in one place, and it makes it really easy to get a high level overview of who's in your organization.
Um, any. Any points of weakness that are in your organization that need to be closed up. Maybe you had some people that left the organization, but their accounts are still exposed.
You can still access. That's that Another user won't exploit those open accounts and close up any security gaps that might be available for Attackers.
Features what this does that basically helps with data confidentiality by protecting and hiding valuable information to Onley people who need access to it.
The encrypted file system protects all the individual files and folders, but also the entire file system. So the entire directory itself and it's built into the ante F s file system
bit locker encrypts the entire disc. So not just the entire false system, but everything. All sectors of the disk itself and all the info within that distance encrypted, including the operating system.
All right, that about wraps up this lecture. I will see you guys in the next one
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