2.5 WAF 2.5 EC2 Setup

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59 minutes
Video Transcription
Hey, everyone, welcome back to the course. So in the last video, we went ahead and set up our domain in Rue 53. So again there is a cost associated with that is about $12 or so. U s and you notice that I went through and set that up. And also, it may take a few hours and even in some instances, a day or two
for it to fully propagate your domain for the domain to be available for you to use,
you noticed, in my instance, it just took a couple of hours and it was ready to go, and that's kind of the common thing. But there is a chance that it may take longer, So just be mindful of that. As you follow along with this course
in this video, we're gonna go ahead and set up our E C two instance. So it's actually relatively simple to do. We're gonna keep things very basic here.
One thing I want to mention is you will want to make sure you've already got a security group set up inside of your V P. C. If you don't have that, you can just search on Amazon for exactly how to do that. We don't cover that in this particular course, but it's pretty simple to do as well.
So first thing we're going to do is we're gonna be here at the Amazon dashboard, and we're gonna search for E. C two Now. You see that? I recently visited it so I could just click there if I wanted to, But we'll go ahead through the whole process for you to follow along. So just like that e c two and we're just gonna select that one there.
Now, when you're selecting a easy to and you're launching an instance, you just want to be mindful of costs. So be mindful of your location specifically. So, as an example, I'm on the East Coast and so I'm gonna select Northern Virginia. However, if I was in the UK, for example, I might select Ireland or something like that. So just be mindful of your location that's gonna affect your cost
of running the easy to instance.
So here at this screen and again, there's a step by step guide in the resource of section for the course for this particular thing, as well as for setting up the domain name. So just be mindful of that as well. To make sure the download those resource is now, I also want to mention there's an additional resource
that's a script. So it's a very basic script, but that's something that I'll be using in this video. So just make sure you grab that as well,
and it will be the one labeled as eat sea to script.
So all we have to do is select the launch instants button right here.
Next, we're gonna go ahead and choose our Amazon machine image. Now, you can choose virtually whatever you want here for our purposes. I'm going to select the very top option here. So the Amazon Lennox to am I SST volume type.
And I'm just gonna leave it as x 86 would have, say, select their
at this next screen and wants to know what instance type do we want to use now by default chooses sort of the best option for you. However, you can choose whichever one is applicable that will allow you to use this particular solution.
So I'm just gonna leave this as a default setting, and I'm gonna go next to configure my instance. Details down here at the bottom. Right
now, here is where I'm going to add in the script. So what I want to do is I want to come down to the advanced details, and then I'm gonna find the script and copy and paste it into here. So again, that's available free in the resource is section of the course. Just go ahead and copy and paste to script
right inside of this little box right here.
All right, so you'll see that I've copied and pasted the script in there were just installing yum here were then turning on Apache were making sure that it stays on. And then we're just creating a simple web page that's going to say hello, students. This is fun. So very, very simple script here. Very easy to use. And all we have to do now is select the ad storage option right here.
So for the purposes of this demonstration, I'm just gonna leave the default storage option here. And I could change the size if I wanted to. I could also add encryption, but I'm not going to in this particular example.
So once you've chosen your storage size. Next, you can either add tanks or you can also go review in launch. I'm gonna go ahead and select the ad tags. Option.
So here, you see, we have an option to add different tags in there. I'm not worried about that for this particular example. So I'm actually just gonna select the next configure the security group option.
So here we have an option to create a new security group or selecting the 16 1 I'm gonna go ahead and select an existing one. That's where I mentioned before that you wanna have a security group set up inside of your V P C area before you come in to set up your E C two instance, I've already got some set up for obviously security purposes.
I'm just gonna go ahead and select my existing security group and then move forward
to the review and launch button.
So here it step seven. It's just going to give us a review of our information off. Obviously closed the majority of sensitive information and the security group you're seeing listed there. I'm just gonna delete after I feel in this particular video. So it's not gonna be something valid that you can come and attack.
So we have to do now is just select the launch button at the bottom. Right.
Okay. Next is gonna ask you to select your security key pair. I've already done that. And now we come to this screen here where we can view are instances down here at the bottom, right?
All right, so now we see the instance that I've just created It's there on the screen, and I've blocked out some sensitive information.
So in this video, we just went ahead and set up our PC to instance. Now we're ready to go. So now we're gonna go back in the next video to the 40 Web cloud weapon, vacation firewalls, a service dashboard, and we're gonna go ahead and first ad in our web application.
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