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2 hours 25 minutes
Video Transcription
In the last video, we discussed the social engineering link attack, and this video will be talking about perhaps the most destructive USB tack of all the USB kill attack. Now, the reason these attacks air so destructive because they're built to destroy whatever they're plugged into.
Basically, what these devices do is once it's plugged into of advice, this device will draw the power from the advice it's plugged into charge capacitor. And then once it reaches a certain voltage, it'll discharge that voltage into the machine it's pulling into.
Now, USB devices basically have two lines. They have a data line for communication and power line, so these devices air pulling power from the power line and then discharging it through the data line.
Now this device will do this continuously until either the machine is destroyed or the person appliques device.
Now the vast majority of devices are not protected against this type attack. So, unfortunately, if if this device have plugged in, there's a good chance that it's gonna destroy that device. Another air legitimate uses for this device. It's to test whether machines can withstand this,
but a lot of times thes aren't used for that on instead are used to destroy machines
Now. These devices also come with adapter, so they could be plugged into other devices, like smartphones.
They come with micro USB adapters, which are used by a lot of android phones. You SBC adapters, which have started, replaced the micro USB and also used by a lot of android phones. They also come with lightning cable adapters, which are used by apple devices.
Now there's a logo on some of these devices that you see in the slight here. So if you ever see that logo on advice, just be very cautious and don't plug you into anything.
Uh, then that that version they have with logos called the Standard version
it's it's sold by a certain company. They also have another version called the Anonymous Version.
Um, and this does not have any markings whatsoever, which makes it
even more dangerous because you can't differentiate it from a normal USB device, making it very dangerous. So if you see this logo, I would just steer clear of those devices because they can destroy almost any machine you have
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