CPU Socket Types

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Hi and welcome to the camp Tia A plus 2 to +0-1001 Module two.
This is less than 2.5 CPU socket types. We're gonna go over CPU socket types, marker micro architecture ER and CP use. I'm your instructor, Bill Price. The CP socket.
The processor socket, also called the CP socket, is the connector on the motherboard that houses a CPU and forms the electrical interface connection in contact with the CPU. For data interface return the CB stock. It also locks to CPU in place.
Now the socket itself is made of plastic and often comes with a lever. A latch with mental contacts
on beach have peons or PGA or lands LG A on the CPU depending on the type of CPU. We're gonna learn about that a little bit later. So think of the CPU socket as a large connector on the motherboard. And it's the connector that for the most important piece on the more the board, which is the CPU.
So let's talk about the l G and PG A socket types
the land grid arrange or the L. G. A is a type of surface mount packaging that consist of socket with peons or specifically lands that you placed the process. We're on most Intel cp use. Use the L G A socket type
now opposite to this is the pen Griner pin grid array or the PGA. Now this consist of pans this actually on the processor itself and which you then insert into the PGA socket. Well, now these sockets have peons that are are holes rather than are properly place, so that can fit in there.
Am DCP use generally used the P G a socket type.
So again, the p G a is the socket has holes, and the peons are right on the CPU and it plugs right in, whereas the l g et the land grid arrange our lands that's on the socket, and the processor connects to that
the zero insertion four socket, or does if socket is more or less an extension of the sock in itself.
Ah ah, zero insertion forces. This socket is a socket type that has holes that match up with peons of the CPU being connected to it.
Now the ziff socket has a lever that you will lift up and insert the CPU into the socket, then lower the arm of the lever back down and secured to the socket. Now the Ziff Sockets locks to CP down without force, insuring that you don't damage the CPU or the socket.
Now the Ziff soccer is generally used on the PGA socket types. Okay, so let's talk about the socket types themselves. And first we'll start with the Intel socket types.
Now, for the county A plus, you may see four types of socket types on the exam to from entail and two from a M. D. So we're gonna go over those
first, starting with the L G A. G A 11 51
Now, characteristics of the L. G A 11 51 is has 1151 peons, right on the socket. Its support Families of the Sky Lake, Kaybee Lake and Coffee Lake. Revision to and the memory of supports is the DDR three, DDR four and Didi are three l.
Next we have the L. G A. 2066 it has 2000 in 66 contacts on the socket and the families that support is the K B Lake X, the Sky Lake W. And Cascade Lake X and the memory it supports is DDR four
and the AMG socket Types. First we have the a m d. A. M four. Now it is a Ziff P G A. And Ziff is again the zero insertion force socket type. Andan has 13 and 1331 contacts.
The process is that it support are the process is rising. Summit Ridge, Pinnacle, Rich Raven Ridge, Picasso and My T's The memory it supports of the DDR four.
And finally we have the AMG Tr four and it is again also a Ziff P G. A. It has 4000 and 94 contacts. The processes that supports are the processors of the rising threat Dripper,
the White Haven, Colfax and the memory supports is the DDR four.
So it's kind of take a step back and kind of review what we have went over so far.
So we talked about micro architecture and we've talked about as far as micro architecture of the CPS sockets or the CP uses basically general under under lying design of that particular CPU in stock in architecture.
Then we talked about the CPU socket itself and specifically, we talked about the l g et on the P G A socket types. Then we talked about the Ziff socket on Zero Insertion of four socket.
And finally we spent some time talking about socket types that you need to know for the county A plus Intel socket types LG a 11 51 l g a 2066 a m d socket types am four and t r four. So there you have it. The micro architecture of the sip you sockets
L g a M p g A. Specifically, you want to review those again? Ah, sif socket zero insertion four socket and the socket types again that you need to know from the company A plus the LG a 11 51 l g 8 2066 the A m d second types am four and tr four.
That is it for this lesson and we will see you in the next lesson
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