2.5 Threats to Data Storage

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Okay, So the different storage tight since my ideas about Big Dad. And now let's look specifically at the threat to data storage or the many threats. And again, these really are not cloud specific. They're just
in a life specific threats to data. So we have some of the same things we've talked about. Unauthorized usage, unauthorized access. So what do we do about that? We enforce the I Triple A
require users to identify authenticate before getting authorized. And then we audit and we review those accounts to ensure the proper access.
Always a concern from an organizational perspective. Are we showing due diligence and do care with the work that we do? Are we properly protecting the assets that are stockholders and stakeholders have entrusted us with? Are we showing due care and due diligence?
Are we within regulatory compliance? All of those legal issues,
other threats, you know, the availability of data through denial of service attacks and distributed denial of service attacks. And with the advent of the Internet of things and wherever user now has 20 devices instead of two devices from their home networks,
we're going to see there's denial of service attacks the specifically the distributed now of service attacks just go
crazy with all the devices that are available today.
So from a security perspective, redundancy,
fault, tolerance get rid of a single point of failure. But then also making sure that our dad is retained an archived in case it's not immediately available. We have a resource to go back and in retrieve that information,
all right. Also concerned about data being corrupted or modified
destroyed. We want to make sure that we're aware if there's any sort of modification that happens so hashes and digitally signed files those air ways that we can get an assurance off integrity with digitally signed files. We also get an assurance of authenticity, so that's certainly a greater benefit.
Hey, just in common threats to data storage.
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