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Hello, everybody. And welcome to this lecture and this lecture. We're gonna be covering the topic of Windows 10. So let's go ahead and get started.
Win this 10 is an operating system that actually runs on multiple different types of devices, not just your desktop and laptops. They with a separation of Windows. They actually included a version that can run on your tablets in your phones. The operating system was released in July of 2015 and has been the current operating system ever sense,
According to Microsoft, this is the last operating system that they're going to release. They're just going to continue to develop it from here,
and they now call it more of a service instead of a product. Back when Microsoft first launched when there's 10
it was provided as an upgrade toothy existing operating system. So he ran with the seven or when there's eight.
Ah, you were able to go ahead and issue out.
You were able to go ahead and upgrade from when those when the seven or when there's a two when those 10 and it was a free upgrade, at least for the first year. Now you do have to pay for it
when those 10 additions include when those 10 home when this 10 pro, when this 10 enterprise and education was going and talk a little bit about those
when was Tim Windows 10 Home is the home user version of the of the operating system. Just like with Home Premium and with the home home version of when there's eight, you will get everything that's standard for the home users. Still, get your medium player.
You'll get Aah! Lot of the features that you need in order to operate on the day to day basis, such as, you know,
your antivirus. You have a personal assistant still, for your operating system to search for files and applications, things like that.
Um, it does integrate with Microsoft account. So, just like with when there's eight, you had to create a Microsoft account in order to use your operating system. Um, and you can still use that feature with Windows 10
with Windows 10 Pro. This is the business edition of the operating system and includes RD s, which is theory. Remote desktop service is allows I t and other people too remote into your computer. If you need them to to perform any support operations necessary.
This operative system does include a bit locker, which is like a full disk encryption, so locks everything down
and it can join a Windows domain so you can use it within your enterprise. Speaking of enterprise, when this 10 education enterprise is a, uh, another addition to other additions off when those 10 there's a lot of similarities. But there are there are different by a few different features.
Um, with both of these, you will be need thio. You need to purchase the licenses and volume so you do get a slight discount. Usually it's like on a contract basis kind of thing,
and you can issue the licenses for multiple devices this usually for schools or for large organizations that have hundreds of devices that need help managing those license keys, making sure that they are wasting their money,
they can go ahead and order accordingly. These versions do include out blocker, which prevents turn applications from running so you can kind of home down the security on those devices, especially if your organization owns them and it includes branch cash, which is like a remote site file cashing service.
It has granular user experience control, so you can remove certain features like any of the applications.
Thio only if you need. Like if you need the operating system to run as a kiosk or a very specific use, and you don't want the users to explore other applications or be able to escape what you have intended. That workstation to before you can use the granular user experience controls to control what the user's able to access.
Windows 10 hardware requirements are as follows For the CPU. You need a one gigahertz processor. You need one gigs of RAM or two gigs of RAM, depending if you're going out 32 or 64 bit operating system, and you need a graphics card that can support direct X nine graphics with W. D D M.
All right, that about wraps up this lecture. I will see you guys in the next one
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