2.4 Route 53 Domain Setup

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Video Transcription
Hey, everyone, welcome back to the course. So in the last video, we talked about subscribing to the Ford Net solution. We also went ahead and subscribe to the Ford Net 40 Web Web application. Firewall is a service solution, and we were redirected to the Ford in eight page. You then registered for an account. If he didn't have one. I already had one, so I just went ahead and logged in.
And everyone wants they logged in. Were
should have been taken to the screen, where we had an option to add an application server. Now, as I mentioned, you could stay logged into that and just minimize that window. We needed to first get our domain name and get rue 53 all set up. And then, from there we can go ahead and actually import our application server and use the product.
So here we are in the AWS dashboard.
You can search for refugee three if you follow it along in the previous video, you should already see it as a recently visited service, and even this selected from there and this example. I'll just go ahead and search for it again in the search box here and you'll see once we target, start typing it in and gives us Route 53 right there.
Here is a mention. There will be a cost. If you want to purchase a domain name and follow along hands on, you can also transfer your existing domain names. As you see there again, I'm not going to do that. In this particular example. I'll just go ahead and purchase one. You see, the cost is pretty low for here in the United States at least, and depending on what you want, how fancy you want to get et cetera. You can pick a
a certain domain name that you want to use
again. If you already have one just used to transferring one. We won't cover that in this course. I just want to keep things pretty simple for most people. And so we're just gonna figure out a domain name. So I'm gonna pause the video briefly. I'll check and figure out if some ideas I have are available and we'll find a domain name and then we'll move forward from there.
All right, so I checked a couple different domain names and I randomly came up with this awesome cyber kin test and happens to be available. So I'm gonna go ahead and add this to my cart,
and then I'll go ahead and click. Continue here. Now
you'll see it. I'll give you the option to register for one year. You can also do more years if you wanted. Thio really depends on you. If you're just doing this for test purposes, you probably want to do it for a year or so. And so you'll have Ah, domain name that you can use for pretty much anything else that you want once we delete out everything that we're setting up in this particular course, but just click to continue. But in there
now, once we could continue here, it's gonna show some confidential information, at least on my end, because it's gonna show my account information and the register because I've said a previous domains inside of here. But for your purposes, it will ask you to fill out the information. So what you're going to see is that I'm gonna skip over showing you the next screen just because it's got a lot of confidential information on it,
and I'll move forward from there in this particular video.
All right, so once we're past that screen where we put in our confidence confidential information for the registrar purposes. So things like your email, etcetera will be taken to this screen here. Now, I've deliberately scroll down because that contains some information up top there. But what you'll notice is that you have an option to automatically renew your domain by default. It's set to enable
I'm gonna go ahead and disable this because I'm just using this for a test purposes.
If you're using this as your real domain and you want to keep it set up, then just leave that as a default for enable
You also have to agree to the terms and conditions. I've read this document before, so I'm gonna skip over reading at this time. But you can go ahead and open that domain name registration agreement with AWS and read through it. I'm just gonna check the box there.
Now it's also going to send you a verification email. You'll see. I just put support a cyber. He died. I t for my verification email, and I'll do that a little later on
keeping in mind that If you don't verify the email address, it's going to disable that domain name. I believe it's gives you a 15 day window, so you've got about 15 days to verify the email address, or it's going to basically
remove your domain from the Internet, at least not publicly publish it for you.
So once you set all that up there again, you can verify it right now. If you want to, I'm not going to, and then you just complete the purchase right here.
Next you'll be taken to this page here again. I mentioned that you need to verify the email within 15 days and you see it's right there for you. They give you another warning on that,
and I mentioned before it may take some time for your domain to actually get populated,
so you just want to keep that in mind as well. Might take a couple of hours or so, usually just a couple of hours.
Sometimes you could take up to a day. I've heard some people say it takes up two a days, maybe even more. You see, the Amazon tells you three days here,
usually a couple of hours and sometimes even within the hour, it's it's usually pretty quick, but it just kind of probably depends on your particular region, the domain name and your country and that sort of stuff as well.
It's all we have to do now is just click that go to domains option here
and you're gonna see that the domain registration is in progress. It's gonna probably take some time here, so I'll pause the video. And whenever it's done and actually fully registered, then I'll go ahead and we'll continue on with this particular video.
All right, so it took a few hours, but now the domain is fully registered and you'll see it listed there again. The awesome cyber can test that calm
in the next video were to go ahead and start up are easy to instance Now. If your domain has not
been fully registered yet,
go ahead and just pause this video and wait for to do so again. It may take a few hours, even up to a full day, but generally speaking, within a couple of hours, it should be fully registered, and it should be able to move forward with the course
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