2.4 High Availability Network Services

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Hello. Welcome back.
Cisco Certified Design associate. C C D A. Module two Lights in 2.4. I'm your instructor.
In the previous video, we talked about a Cisco Enterprise architectural model. From these veto, it will begin to introduce a Hi Evie Inability Network service. He's pretty assessment The question which first hop redundancy Prodigal endemically distributes a client traffic between multiple rodders.
A h s r p b the r r P c g l b p
The idea or P?
The answer will be Gino BP. We'll get we'll discuss this further in the following.
Well slight.
When designing a network apology for a customer who has critical systems, service's or network paths, you should have determined that likelihood that is competent will fail. Dad. Desire identities. You wouldn't mess. It's ready, right? Is high availability. Network service is coming into play.
High availability, never of service, is considering Inc team of one over the following tabs of a redundancy into your design. Right workstation to Roger Redundancy in the building access layer, right server redundancy in a server farm module
route. Redundancy. We then under between network of confidence in commedia redundancy and the access earlier. We'll start with the workstation to rotter. Tennessee in the building access layer on a workstation has traffic to send a station that is not local. The workstation has many possible ways
to discover the address off rotter. Only it's a network segment,
including the following.
From these slights, we'll start with the AARP
some Nike workstations descendant are per frame that find a remote station around. Running proxy off
can respond with detailing the layer address. Cisco routers run proxy are but by default places configuration.
Most type you work stations must be configured with ikey addresses. Defar Rotter! We Jesus sometimes called it a default Gateway Inn I I p. Merriment Most a common method for workstation to find a server is via explicit a configuration of the fall router.
Some AP stacks enable you to configure multiple do for rodders,
but many other i p implementations of supporting me. One default rotter
Rdp It's RFC to all 56 Spicy Faison. The extension to the Internet control Massively protocol ICMP. They had a loss and I P Workstation and a broader to run our DP delighted Rapstation all during the rodders address
rip on I work for station can run ripped to learn about it. Rodders. Although this is not a common practice anymore and it's not a recommended, you should have used a rip in passing remote rather than active amount. Actively motive means that of the station, since the reap frames every 30 seconds.
Usually in this implementations,
the work station is that you do a UNIX system or running the rotted or gated the UNIX of process
hs RP The Siskel H S. R. P provides a way for I p workstations that support only one default rotter to keep communicating with on the Internet work. Even if there are Defar, Rotter becomes unavailable. They just RP works about creating a virtual rotter that has its own Nike and Mac addresses.
The work stations use basic martial I p address
as their Defar rotter. They chase RP runners on the land, communicate among themselves to decided there two writers or as active and stand by the activity Rotter sends the periodic hollow messages. The other agents are key rodders. Listen for the hollow messages
even have active Rotter Fabio's and the other A. J. Starkey Rodders stopped receiving hollow man Tages
the standby rotter takes over and becomes the active Arana because the new active router assumes both of the phantoms. I pee in a Mac addresses and A and knows the send no change. They continue to send packets into the phantom rodders
back address, and the new active rotter delivers those package
A J start. He also works of her proxy ARP, one of Active or H A s A P rotter receives in a ARP request for a note that is not on the local end. The router replies with the friend homes rodders Mac address instead of a stolen it a rather that originally sent to the
Our reply later loses is a connection.
The r a p E r R P is a broader redundancy protocol. Defined it in RFC 3768 R F C. 5768 to define a V R R P. B three for both i P V for and I P v six networks
V. R R P is based on Cisco's Beach, a Sharpie, but is another compatible B R P. Spicy fires in the last election and particle that genetically a size of responsibility for virtual rotter to one of the V. R P Rogers on the land that the R R P rotter controlling the
I P addresses associated with a virtual rotter
is called a master at 84 words. Package sent to these ikey addresses. The election process provides a dynamic of fell over in the forwarding responsibility. Should have the master become unavailable.
These are lost any over the virtual rotter i p addresses a little end to be used as the default first hopper order by and hosts the virtual rotter. Backup assumes that they forwarding responsibility for the Virgin broader shooted a master fail right
g o p p j l b p. Protect the data. Traveling from a failed router or surrogate is such as H S r p well, allowing packet little the sharing between a group of a re tended rodders. Math words. If a long balancing with H S, R. P and a B R r p work with small networks,
but a G l B P allows for first hop Hello biasing larger networks.
The difference in G l B P from H. S. R P is that it provides a four lobotomy thing between multiple read. Ending the Rodders op 248 Ways in the GOP P Group A Little Bodies is about using a single virtue I P address at amount of a Virtual Mac addresses.
Each host is configured away the same of Virtual I P Address,
and all writers in the Virtual Roger group participated in that forwarding package. But the vault all runners with a group of forward traffic Arlo Borras or medically J O B P members are communicated between each other through a hallow messages sent every three seconds to the multiple
to the Mahdi cast address to do for the 0.1 No. Two.
User data grab protocol. You d be part 3222
g l b p benefits included. The following loaded Sheriff Joe Beebe can become figuring the way that a traveling from land clients can be shared about multiple rodders. Multiple virtual rodders. Joe BP supports Opportunity. $1 a minute too far apart for rodders. J O B P Group's on each of physical interface of a rotter
Joe B, P and M. Ozu to preempt Active of virtual Get away with a higher priority backup authentication simple tax. The password authentication is that supported
server redundancy some of America and to need a fully redundant the mirror to file and application servers. For example, in a brokerage firm where traders must access data to buy in a south, stocks to arm or redundant servers can replicated a data. Also,
you can deploy, says the unified communications manager. See USC and servers
in clusters for redundancy. This servers should be on different networks on the use of pretending a power supplies to provide a high availability in a server farm. Mama module Right, you have the following options. Single attachment. This is not a recommended because it requires out of the bath. Mac Mac in ISMs.
Just r p e j o B p. Did Endemically find an alternate router
do attachment? This solution increases availability by using Rettendon that worker interviews cards Nick Fast, Ethernet faster. Either Channel FTC and it could be big for Channel T e. C part Bono's This unit. Bono's two or four fast or a gigabit Ethernet links to increase of bandwidth
round redundancy.
There's a two purposes, right or buzzing. Increasing availability will start with the little bottle. See most i p routing protocols can't balance loads across parallel links that are equal costs. Using the maximum my path is commanded. The change of the number of the links
did Roger well balanced over for a peek.
The diva is a four and in maximum mazes. Six This portal bodies in keeping a band with the consistent within a later of the hierarchical motto so that all paths have the same cost. Siskel you. Hence the interrogator way riding particle. Yet R P
isn't exception because it can't look about as traffic across multiple routes
that have different metrics by using a feature called Over Reigns
Ah, hot taste. The Routing Protocol does little about Ussing over unequal band with the path
as long as the hop calm is equal. After this Lord Inca becomes saturated pack, it draws out of the saturated link prevents full utilization of the higher capacity links. This scenario is called a pinhole congestion.
You can avoid a pinhole congestion by designing and provisioning. You call
being with the links within one layer off the hierarchy or by using a rotting protocol that takes being with into account. I peel Obama's Indian assistant rotter depends on which switching bow to the router uses process. Waging little baas on the packet of backpacking bases.
Fast autonomous silicon
optimum distributed at that flows. Raging roboticist on the destination by destination bases Because of the processor caches, information used the capsule of the package based on the destination for these types of ah,
sweet tomatoes.
Next one gonna be increasing availability right. In addition to facilitating ah Longbottom sing, read ended around browse increase Network of Inability. You should keep being with the consistent within a given design. Confident of low buzzing.
Another reason to keep the anyway. The consistent within the layer off hierarchy is that
routing protocols com urge much faster on that political equal cost paths to the destination network by using the redundant mash the network of designs. But you can minimize the fact of link feeders you can design. Read ended. There were links to provide a full mash or
a well connected a partial bash
in a full MASH network. Every router it has a link thio Every other order as shown below right. Awful lashing out. American provides complete a redundancy and provides a good performance because this is a just a single hop delay between any two sites.
The number of the links in a food mash is N multiply
and men. It's one divide by two. What we're in is the number of the writers. Each router is connected to every other rotter,
then partial mash Ah, full match never can be expensive to implement in ones because of the required a number off links. In addition, groups of rodders that broadcasts routing the updates where service the advertisements have, ah, practical limits the skating
as the number of the rotting piers increases
the amount of a being away, then the CPU resource is devoted to processing. Broadcast the increases. A suggested the guide arias to keep a broadcast traffic at less than 20% of the van with a beach link least amount of limits. The number of a pure rodders that it can exchange
routing tables or service out of her past meets
when designing for link band with reserve, 80% off it for dead. A voice and a video traffic said that the rest can be used for rotting and other link traffic.
When planning redundancy, follow guidelines of her simple hydrological desire
diagram a below the streets. Classic Oh hi, Roge ical and read in In In our Enterprise Designed that uses a partial match rather than a full nourished apology for land is lies. Links between the access and the distribution layers can be fast eater Nate, which links to the core at a gigabit either and speeds
link media redundancy Right in mission critical applications are often necessary to provide a redundancy media. There's layer to earlier free. It's thoroughly layer to write and switch to the network's switches can have a victory that links to each other.
This redundancy is a good because it minimizes downtime,
but it can result in broadcast continuous, continuously circling the network, which is called a Prada cost storm. Because Cisco switches implemented I Triple E a surge of that wandy spanning trooper algorithm, you can avoid this looping lian spanning two particle as T p.
Right. The spanning tree over thumb guarantees that only one path is active in between two natural stations. The algorithm permits redone and paths that are automatically activated when the active path experience says problems. Ice T P has design
limitations of only allowing one over. The redundant path is to be active,
V S s. Can we use the way of the Countess to 65 handler switches to overcome. There's a limitation.
Use either town of the bottle links for Lobato. Same links of bono and powers of a 2248 groups. A advocates of the ban weighs over the links. Hence, the 10 g e ports becomes 20. G e pours off the van with when they are low. Note for
more granular little about a scene. Use a combination of a source in the destination. Purport little by rising
they've available on the switch. In current networks, either channel uses our A C p, which is a standard based negotiation protocol that is defining our trip. Oh, easier to Guthrie 80 and older Solution included. Assist appropriator EPDP Particle
L. A CPU helps protect against the layer. Two moves
that are caused by these configuration. One downside that introduces overhead and delay was setting up of the bono
really are free because of wildlings are often critical pieces of the Internet work. One environments, often deployed, returned in the media.
You can provisioned back other links so that they become active when a primary link a ghost there or becomes congested, often backup links, or use up different the technology. For example, it is common to use the Internet V. P s to the backup of primary interest links in today's networks
by using floating is the Attica routes
You can spice if either the backup around must have a higher in the mystery of the distance, use the bicycle riders for selected routing information so that it is not a normally used. The last of the primary route goes down. No one provisioning back up or links.
Learn as much as possible about a physical circuit of routing right
different carriers and sometimes use the same facilities, meaning that you are back of a path and that be susceptible to the same fitters as your primary path. Do some investigative work to ensure that your backup a really is acting as a backup.
Cisco supports multiple multilink appointed pliant particle M P P P, which isn't an Internet engineering task force. I e. T f c enter for Ice T and B Channel or a synchronous Ciro interface aggregation it Barnes multiple running's into a single logical
cello, and PPP is defining our obscene. 1990
mm PPP does not specify Holland rodders should accomplish the decision making process to bring out the extra channels is that they seeks to to the insurer that package arriving in sequence out of the receiver rotter. Then the data is encapsulated within
P, P, P and a. The data Graham is giving a
sequence number out of the receiving rotter. PPP uses this sequence. Number two recreated a. The original data stream. Multiple channels appear as one logical links to op earlier particles for our friend. Lady never works.
F r F 16.1 Modeling Different relay is used to perform the senator
isn't running. Chapter Question number one in which to place is a redundancy recommended in a enterprise campus. Never desire was to a puting distribution. Be campus core. See building access The U Commerz e Interact activity Technically in the enterprise edge.
The former modular used right D m z e commerce remote access VPN, Internet.
One man All this enterprise adieu adieu was definitely connected. A cameras in court, so we should go with
building distribution of cameras, score right
learning check crossing number to another and a prize earlier to switch a number which protocol must be running a nibbling curry Dennis E A k a g p b c d p c L a c p d STP SAS Kiki
spanning tree Per article
In today's briefing a lecturer, we disguise the hi everybody Network service is discussed Workstation rotter Redundancy server Redundancy and a rock Redundancy Lingering tendency
Any questions? Feel free to contact me Otherwise they're gonna see you in the next of Ugo. Thank you for watching by friend out.
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