2.4 Equipment Considerations

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Hello and welcome back to Janice three. Introduction. This is Episode 2 to 2. Equipment considerations for the physical home lab.
This episode we're gonna choose kind of what routers you should get and what switches used to get. Lastly, we'll take a look at the lab that I used for a season a routing and switching.
So eBay time. This is, uh, pretty much so. The first lead that I got, I got off one of those cc and kits that you see online. If you done any better research on it, you'll see everyone's got opinion on what router to use what's wished to use,
how to set everything up. And I didn't really know where to begin. When I first started this, I was kind of flustered by all this, all this equipment, and I figured, Well, heck, I'll just I'll just buy one of his kids and
you know, that's that's reputable. And I don't have to worry about getting the IOS or I don't have to worry about doing all this stuff on the back end. So I bought with his kids
and yeah, I overpaid and it was it was nice, but, um, no no one more clearly I would go. But, you know, I would have gone a different route.
So eBay is the best way. So if you're looking at routers, you have the 26 21 which is not advised anymore. If you have it, you can use it. But as I was 12 the biggest thing is you won't look for Iowa's 15
the 18 40 one's air. Great choices. Still the 1940 one's air. Like the upgraded model, the 28 20 one's still a great router. The 28 21 is a upgraded version of that.
So the two that I would look for if you're looking for like an economic standpoint, is either in 18 40 ones or 28 40. Once, I would have a mixture of both of you can,
in your left. So you're looking at switches. You want a couple of their twos and a culpable layer threes at least one or two later. Three's. The 29 sixties are kind of like the de facto layer to switch that people are using for C. C and A right now for later. Three. The economic model is gonna be the 35. 60
and the 37 50 is the little more expensive one. I have a few of those. Those are kind of nice because they consider you the ones I have set up in a stack configuration else around P o E
for PCs. Use anything you got use use virtual machines. If you spend up a few virtual machines and assign each one of us be t Ethernet adapter. Do that. I use that in the past. Raspberry pies are $5 to $35 depending on which one you get
physical laptops and towers. Um,
so I'm gonna go ahead and just bring up eBay here. So I have my 35 60 sitting up here right now.
Um, I mean, you see, you can get them 60 bucks. 50 bucks,
$55 every once a month. If you'd set up a thing, everyone, somebody can actually catch them on a little bit. Better Deal. 30 bucks right there. Um,
yeah. Make sure you read the description. Sometimes they don't come with cables. Sometimes they don't come with some of the equipment. Sometimes they're broken.
So if we just do a cisco 18 41
you know, 60 bucks. So one thing you won't look at as well is you want to make sure that when you get your routers, you all want to have a couple of the WIC cards for serial interfaces
like the week one teas and stuff like that that you'll see right here,
show you these little expansion slots on the left and on the right,
those air where you can place your wit cards. That's where you'll put in your cereal. You can also buy those cards separate. So don't be too crazy. If if one doesn't have it,
you could get a cheap one and then buy a whit card for 10 to $15.
yeah. I mean, this one has an hour left at zero bids for $10.
I might actually take a look at that later. I want to minimize. That
s a louse it up that I use for si, Senor Rowdy switching. I got said I used one of those kids, right, So it came with three switches. Came with three routers to of the switches were layer two switches. One was later. Three switch.
so you can see it had four of those wick serial cards. This was because one of the writers had two of the WIC cards and the other two when they had one card. So this way you could actually create a triangle, basically with the
with the routers, which is pretty nice. I had one Windows 10 laptop that I use for T, F, T P and a few other things.
I hit my boon to laptop, which is an old gateway laptop that I've had for
years. It's just, um,
I mostly just used it for consul connections for dumping commands into the routers and switches. So that's what I use. And it worked perfectly fine for C. C and a um
Now there was, like one section where I wish I would have had, like, one or two more routers, but are in that I still got the concepts down for that section, and everything else worked perfectly. I had no problem whatsoever with CC and with this lab set up.
So in the next episode, we're actually look at combining to the physical equipment into Jeanette Street because if you looked at the routers and switches, the switches are a little cheaper than the routers. So let's say you could afford a few of the switches, but you didn't want to dump the money into a router.
This is a good alternative to where we could actually combine that physical switch into the router into the network of the virtual network for Jean s three.
So, as always, if you guys have questions, if you need help, feel free to shoot me a message. Otherwise, thank you for Washington. Celeste and I look forward to seeing you and the rest of them.
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