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Here's an important piece that we touched on earlier. And so, Shane, I wanted to kind of bring you back to talk about sir. It's a little bit.
So we've got the city Council. Certs, the ch the L P t. The company. You know, we've got the penthouse. Plus, we mentioned that earlier,
um, offensive security. We talked about the O S C p six phases of pen testing. So, Shane, can you touch on certain a little bit more for me and tell me why they're important?
Yeah, sure, No problem. I mean again, it's definitely a good way to highlight your resume. And it also shows that, uh, able to understand this defict
topic that you're looking to address for that specific certification and the governing body certifies you that you actually know what you're talking about. You're able to pass their certification exam, their certification process, and
and, uh, whatever additional items that come intact with it. So,
uh, just, um, I was coming to you, which most people are there.
Their staple certifications, security plus certification, which is very well known in the industry, but that recently came out with the pen test
plus certification which is catered towards penetration testing. We'll have ah course on that coming soon, and also that will be part of our
bouncer discount program. Through calm Tia, where the majority that come Thio
vouchers for certifications are available A discount price through cyber Very easy Council also has a couple certifications geared towards penetration. Testing the certified ethical hacker is their entry level certification to the pen testing career.
Now they also have one That's kind of a bridge between ch and there. L p t their license pen tester. It's called E C s A such just kind of ah bridge in between the two if you're going down that specific certification path. But if you're instantly see counsel there
ch certifications a good place to start,
Um, as we mentioned a few times wth E o S C. P certification through offensive security is kind of one that's been highlighting the industry
recently, and it is very well recognized on, especially for the
price point of the sort of occasion. It's It's ah great wantto have definitely great one to obtain, but it is it is extremely difficult. The final test for O. S C. P is Ah,
on Markham protesting a little bit more. I think it's used to go through six or seven different levels of a, uh, penetration testing. You only have 24 hours to do it. And then I think you have an additional 24 hours to actually write the report on
how you were able to go through the process and complete
complete the six levels of the penetration test.
Very good. Thank you so much. That's a great explanation of the search, so
move on.

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