Windows 8 and 8.1

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Video Transcription
Hello, everybody. And welcome to this lecture and this lecture. We're gonna be talking about Microsoft Windows eight and 8.1. So let's go ahead and dive right into it. Windows eight was released October 26th of 2012. It was the introduction of a new user interface,
which basically it was Microsoft re attempting the entire design
of, Ah, how Windows was built. Anything like the start menu were redesigned. It was not located. Or at least it didn't open and operate the same way that
all previous versions of Windows did in the past.
And, ah, really? Their attempt here was to create an operating system that supported devices that were hybrid, so to speak. They, Ah, these were things like laptops that could convert into tablets and, uh, um and devices like the Microsoft Surface.
So Windows eight was released in October 26 2012 and about a year later or so there was a free update that came out for when there's a 20120.1, and that support will be ending on January 10th of 2023.
So with the additions of Windows, you have Windows eight core. You have Windows eight pro, and you have Windows eight Enterprise. And let's talk a little bit about those. So the core addition of when those eights was the most basic version out there.
It was intended for home users. It comes with a 32 bit and a 64 bit version.
It includes a Microsoft account log in integration, meaning that you have to create, like an outlook or Hotmail account in order to access the operating system. And everything kind of sinks within that all your security settings sink within that,
um, it includes Windows Defender, and it also included Windows Media Player.
When those eight Pro was the next edition up. It was a fully professional version of when those eight and could be compared Thio when the seven Pro Ultimate, it has support for Bit Locker and the F s and ah, you know the full disk and and file level encryption.
And it includes tthe E Microsoft Domain. Adeline supports you conjoined a domain
and includes group policy supports as well.
Windows eight Enterprise was the final edition for when those eight and included an APP locker. C could prevent applications from being executed. Iran on the on the operating system had Windows to go. It had direct access and had branch cash
for requirements for the hardware. Windows 8 32 Bit uses a one a minimum of one gigahertz processor, one gig of RAM, 16 gigs of hard drive space, and it needs a direct X nine graphics with W D D M,
the 64 bit version of when those. They also needs a minimum of a one gig
gigahertz processor, two gigs of RAM, 20 gigs of hard drive storage. And it also use this the same type of graphics that about wraps up this lecture. Let's go ahead and dive into Windows 10 and the next one I'll see you there.
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