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Video Transcription
I welcome back to the course in the last video, we talked about some different tools of weak you news for foot printing. We also talked about the different types of foot printing so active and passive,
we also talked about some of the benefits of foot Pretty.
And we went over things like who is and Google hacking. So in this video, we're just gonna talk briefly about our labs that are coming up, and then we're gonna go ahead and jump right into our labs.
So foot printing again is just a technique for gathering information on computer systems and the entities that they belong to. So really, just think of it as we're gathering intelligence on our target.
So Google hacking, we're gonna actually go over this in the lab. But some different terms for Google hacking story or some some different strings you can do here that'll pull up information. Now, this is not an all inclusive list. And that's why in the lab we actually go over the Google hacking database because some of these
command still don't. They don't work fully
or don't pull out the information you want. And so basically, that database stays updated of things that will still work.
So we're all in addition to doing a Google hacking lab. Rossi to do a show Dan lab and just walk me through that particular search engine as faras how we can put some certain filters on.
And then, of course, we have our labs on nick toe, which allows us to gather information and then also the harvester, which is another tool that we can use to gather information, for example, like things like e mail addresses or employee information or even, you know, domain or a port information, etcetera.
So in this video, which is kind of touched at a very high level of what we're gonna do in the labs and the next video, we're actually gonna go ahead and start our neato lab.
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