2.3 FortiWeb Cloud WAF Signup

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59 minutes
Video Transcription
Hey, everyone, welcome back from the course. So in the last video, we talked very briefly about 53. We also talked about the fact that we're going to be setting up a domain in this course with the hands on portion of it. So just be mindful that there will be costs involved with that. If you want to follow along on your own
in this video, word is gonna talk about subscribing to the Ford in it for the Web Cloud Web application. Fire was a service solution here in the AWS marketplace. Now there's a couple of steps we need to do here. Number one will start in the marketplace page, for it will go ahead and subscribe to the solution. And then we also need to actually go to the 40 Web,
the foreign, its sight
to go ahead and get our 14 day free trial going. And they will also send you an e mail with that information as well.
So we want to do a couple things here, will subscribe to the solution in our AWS account, and we're also going to sign ourselves up for an account of register on their sites. We can actually access the dashboard for the product.
So here on the product detail page, you can read through the different information about it. I'll give you an overview of this particular product, some of the key benefits to the product as well as pressing information. If we scroll down here, you'll see it's pretty low cost to use.
We can also take a look at usage support information in any reviews on this particular product. As of the filming of this video, you'll see there are not reviews on the product. But when you go to look at it, there may be some reviews for you again. Keeping in mind there is a 14 day free trial that you can take advantage of, but there will be some cost associated with
things like setting up the easy to instance, getting that going as well a setting up a domain name.
So just be mindful of all that you. If you're on a budget, which your budget being like free, for example, then you probably won't be able to follow along with this particular course hands on. But if you've got some budget, or if your organization has subscribed to this particular product and by all means, feel free to follow along hands on.
So all we have to do once we've decided that we want this particular product Number one, you concert to the marketplace for it. I've already done so and come to this page here and I'll go ahead and link this in. The
resource is section of the course. He can quickly go to a keeping in mind. The link may change over time to just be mindful of that. And of course, any details of the product itself could also change based off the particular seller.
So all we have to do is I mentioned is click Continue. Injuries subscribe,
and we'll move to the next page here.
Now it's going to give you
a essentially Hey, look, you're you know you're going abroad to subscribe here. Won't you subscribe? You're gonna be charged for any accumulated usage, etcetera, etcetera, you know, for the next billing cycle. So basically at this point is giving you a warning. Like look, if you don't want to pay any money than don't click subscribe.
Most of us can be a mindful of that and know that Yes, we really want to subscribe here. But if you accidentally clicked it, that's why these types of things were in place.
Now they also have some things like they end user license agreement. You could take a look at the AWS customer agreement, et cetera. If you want to read through those, I'm no going not going to do that. Ever, actually already read through those, um
and, ah, you know, as with any documentation, not the most exciting stuff. But anyways, next we're just going to click this subscribe button right here,
and that's all we have to do now is gonna ask us to set up our accounts. We just select that there
and it's gonna go ahead and redirect us here. Might take a moment or so. There we are.
Now, what it does is it takes us to this screen right here. Now, if you've already got a log in for fortunate, then you can just go ahead and log in, and I actually already have a log in. So I'll go ahead and do that in just a moment, or you can register
and go ahead and get all signed up here as well. Now they will have you verify your email address. So I recommend you just use, like your work, email address or whatever you have linked to your AWS account. If you want or just create a new one, that's probably perfectly fine as well.
So I'm gonna pause briefly here, and when I come back in the video, you'll see that I've already loved into my account. That way I'm not giving you my past Heard anything like that or my user name. That's probably not a good thing to do from a security standpoint. So I'll see you in just a moment.
All right, So once you've registered your account or if you already have a Ford Net log in, you've gone ahead and love into your account
after you subscribe to the Ford Net 40 Web Cloud replication Fire was a service solution. You'll be taken into this main screen right here. Now, here. We're gonna come back to this screen and just a little bit. First, we want to go ahead and set up our domain name and all that good stuff in room 53. So we'll be coming back to this in just a little bit. So If you've gone through this step here, hands on
you go and just leave yourself logged into this
and we'll be coming back in just a moment to actually add in our application.
So in this video, we just went ahead and subscribe to the product inside of the AWS marketplace again, you had seen how easy it was to get signed up for the product. And then if you didn't already have a Ford Net account after we were redirected after we subscribed, then you would have registered for an account. And once you've logged in or if he already had a log in, you logged in,
you would see this screen right here again.
We're gonna be setting up our application server in just a little bit. But first we need we need to bounce over to rue 53 setting it up are easy to instance as well
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