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all right, that wraps us up for domain to and again. Domain to was about data security in the cloud cloud data security. And we covered a lot of information here. We started out by looking at the data life cycle and the importance of security throughout all the stages off the life cycle
from creating all the way through disposing data,
we have to provide security.
We looked at storage architectures, and we said, Really, whether you're using different service is is gonna dictate what type of storage architecture, right. So if we're using infrastructures of service, then we're gonna be looking more volume storage. Whereas if we're using platform is a service. We're thinking databases so structured versus unstructured and so on.
So different types of storage architectures have different types of threats and different security.
Concerned security concerns,
unauthorized access. We talked about the I A. M and the importance of account provisioning been having users identify, authenticate, get authorized, then provide accounting and then deep provisioning accounts.
Um, and how that's what we do to regulate subject object access.
We looked at liability issues and talking about the importance of maintaining compliance with local with laws and regulations, not just local. We looked at denial of service is a huge threat to Dad that availability.
Then we also talked about integrity issues with data modification. And then we wrapped up by looking at the cloud control matrix. So Chapter two on Cloud Data Security stick around. We'll move into Chapter three.
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