2.2 What is Route 53

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Video Transcription
Hey, everyone, welcome back to the course. So in the last video, we talked very briefly about what e. C two is again a last to compute cloud. And we talked about what we're going to be doing with it. In this particular course
in this video, we're gonna talk very briefly about rue 53 as well. Now, if you want to find out more about E. C to Ruth, 53 some others, we do have an AWS Claude Practitioner course on the site, and I definitely recommend you check that out. This particular course, we're not gonna dive too much into the actual AWS
exams and the prep for those. But if you go through any of their certification exam
preparation, you'll find that many of these terms that we use you'll become familiar with in depth.
So here we are, looking at what is Amazon rough? 53. Now again
153 is really just about
domain names service O D N s. So what? We're going to be doing this course as I mentioned before, we're gonna be creating our own domain name now. There is a cost associated with that, so it will cost you some money inside of her A W s account to go ahead and purchase the domain name. You can also transfer one as well if you already have one. However, we will not be covering that. In this particular course,
we will only be covering
me, showing you how to set up a domain by purchasing it through Amazon. Because that's gonna be the easiest way to get everything set up for what we need with the Ford Net 40 Web Cloud weapon, vacation firewalls, a service solution.
Now to find Route 53 inside of R A. W s consul in our dashboard here a couple ways, we can do it. We can search for it here also, if we've visited a recently, which I have in this example, you'll see it's right here along with Easy to. But for our purposes, we're just going to search for Rivetti three and you'll see it'll go ahead and pull it right up for us.
Now we'll come back to Rue 53 just a little bit of this course and will actually go and do some hands on It is what it looks like. We'll talk about, of course, registering our domain. Now it might take a few hours to register your domain name after purchase and get everything set up. So just keep that in mind that you may want to go ahead and purchase it.
It may take a couple of hours, even in some instances, a day or two to fully propagate. Normally, it's just a couple hours or so in most cases is probably about an hour so that it propagates properly and you're good to go.
We'll be taking a look at zones, and that sort of stuff is well. But again, this is not a deep dive inside of the AWS. Consul. I really want to stress that this course is not intended to help you prep for any AWS certification exams. It's good to get you a little familiar with things, but for the most part, you would just definitely want to take a certification prep course if you're going for those things.
This course is solely intended is kind of introduce you to
for the Web's product and give you a little high level overview of different use cases that we can use it for.
So in this video. We just talk briefly about Rue 53. Showed you where we can go find it. How we could search for it inside of the AWS. Consul in the next video, we're gonna go ahead and take a look at the Ford Net 40 Web Cloud of replication Fire was a server solution. We're gonna take a look at the product detail page, and we're gonna go ahead and subscribe to the product
through our dashboard in the marketplace. Now I want to stress again there's a cost associated with that. There is a 14 day
free trial, which you just want to be mindful of, that if you're looking for the free route, there is not actually a free route for this particular course. It's a low cost route, but it is definitely some charges involved in following along with the hands on portion. Now you can watch the videos, of course, but if you want to do this hands on, there will be some costs associated with that. So
you've heard me mention that many times throughout the course, and there's a reason,
so there's no confusion at all. There is cost associated with following along hands on in this course.
So I look forward to seeing you in the next video
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