2.2 Tools Using AFF4

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This is computer forensics file formats. Why, you should be using a F F four
tools out there using, if afore nowadays, it's an ever expanding list. Um,
the elementary set of imaging tools by Dr Schatz himself will actually be doing while our next class will pee on course. Will be on using elementary. Fantastic tool ex way forensics. Uh, which is a common friends, too. Out there now.
Ah. Supports native plugin of F four files.
Ah, Sleuth Kit just announced after they came out with the first standard guys for 2017 that they're supporting it. Recall forensics, the memory tool. Actually, since that was where Google kind of incorporated F a foreign to their stuff it supports it found software manufacturers of of the fantastic and Tele and
in the just released W four products
Ah, bull support natively. If a four products, uh, black bag Technology's just announced that they supported in both Mac Wiz Ishan and their black light forensics tools, and there's Maur tools converting over to it all the time. It is most definitely the future
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