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Video Transcription

Hello and welcome to the course. My name is David Koepp. Radius. This is just an introductory video to the following two videos. So Number one
what we're gonna be going through is a simple example of what a malware attack would be in this specific example than our attack is gonna encrypt the files in a secondary video. What? We're gonna be doing a showcasing how ransomware attack would work
in the secondary video. What I've done is I've modified the content to basically show how such an attack would occur.
So going forward again after this is demonstrated in future labs and videos will go ahead and deep dive and find everything that we can do. Tow. Understand? Number one. What? Um, our attack is secondary. Would've ransomware attack is third. How to deflect? Um, our attack Fourth,
have a deflect a ransomware attack
without having to input any kind of money. Etcetera. Again, all for ethical purpose is very excited to have you guys on board and let's go ahead and deep dive into the next two videos. Thank you very much.

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