2.2 Learning Checks Section 1

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Welcome back, everyone.
Uh, before we jump into section two, which is gonna cover the lab portion of this lecture Siri's, um, again, that lab is gonna be me walking you through configuring firewall zones, using the PF sense firewall.
We're gonna configure the land, which is our local area network, are when which is our wide area networks as well as that d m Z or demilitarized zone. So stay tuned for that. But before we jump into that, I really wanted to just bring you
to a few learning checks, right? A quick pop quiz,
Uh, just to kind of go over what we learned in section one. Um, the first question I have for you is what does I c m p stand for? And what tool is it used with?
We did talk about this when we were really getting into the weeds off filtering and
how filter and works and what you need to look for on your host space firewall or your network based viral when it comes to filtering and how ICMP plays in that check, or in that testing on to make sure that you set up your Bible correctly
the next question I have for you is can firewalls filled traffic coming inbound, outbound or both. The very tail end of section when we spoke about inbounding out pound and how important that is to understand that you have control using your firewall to kind of do whatever you want,
right? In terms of policies in terms of what you think is gonna be the best security posture.
Um, so we definitely did speak about this as well.
The last question I have for you, for Section one is which is better and network based Far Wall or a host based firewall. We kind of talked about what they mean separately and what they mean together and just want to pose that question to U. S. So think about that. Think about all of these questions
as you move forward
with this lecture series as well as how this could, you know, help you in your current position at work or maybe even in your lab set up.
So let's move on and let's check out the answers.
Question number one again was, What does ICMP stand for and what tool is it used with?
So we know that ICMP stands were in it control message protocol and that it is used with the pink. A man
it's used with other commitments is well, trace route path Ping.
Um, you know, this is really gonna be a diagnostic tool that's gonna help us understand if the host is up or down. And this is something that you're gonna wanna understand, really? With any firewall vendor you're gonna see, I s I c m p as a
protocol that you'd want to allow
or deny
the next question we have. Waas can buy walls, filter traffic coming inbound, outbound or both. And the answer is, firewalls can filter traffic both inbound and outbound. And that's very significant and important for us to understand that, you know, when you come in contact with a firewall as an administrator,
you're gonna want to make sure that you think about not only what's coming into your network, what's leaving, right? You want to make sure you get security right on both sides of the fence. And lastly, we had the question, which is better a network based Pharrell, or host, based my world
Now, in my opinion, both network based in host base spirals are Equally important,
I don't think we work or live
in in in an environment where you can have one and not the other. You know, this is probably gonna be a really great debate for youto have amongst your peers and friends. But I think if you're gonna be in a production environment or you you're gonna be in a serious lab environment, you want to make sure that
you're saying that both never based file on a host based firewall
and I'm just a cz important is understanding both of these technologies when you're applying for work or when you're in a position to do work is gonna be just so important. It's not well enough. We're not good enough for you to know how to work a whole space firewall,
but not enough based Pharrell. If you're an administration role
where you got responsibilities over both, so just makes sense to understand the operating system that they local or host based firewall is on. And obviously you'll have to understand the vendor, whether it's Apollo Alto afford net. Jupiter is There's so many out there, right? But,
you know, having
ah, good, thorough understanding of the basics is what we're trying to do here. And
I think these learning checks speak to that a little bit as well as what we talked about in section one.
So again, thank you so much for sticking with me again. Next section, Section two. We've been jumping that into that lab where we're configuring those zones, so stay tuned. Thanks so much for your time.
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