2.14 Unauthorized User Access Part 9: Anti-Malware

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all right, my quiz earlier. What's the best way to deal with malware? And the answer was, Don't get it. Just just don't just don't get it.
So have good configuration management policies in place where users can't download and install. You know, files don't let people click on links and e mails. Train people have good configuration and change management.
But ultimately, one of the main things we do to mitigate the risk of malware is we have any malware programs
and malware. You know, one point in time, we used to talk about any virus programs, but obviously malware is so much more inclusive than just viruses. You know, we think about root kits and worms, and we think about ransomware and adware and all of that stuff. So
just bottom line we need in time. Now where on our systems,
we need to scan for malware on a regular basis. Usually these they're looking for malware that meets a certain definition. So with malware, we also upload the definition files and we maintain those and keep those up to date.
Just don't get out of here.
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