2.13 Unauthorized User Access Part 8: Trusted Platform Model (TPM) Chips

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okay, I mentioned this earlier when we were talking about
Ah, full drive encryption. I'm just going to reiterate this because this can certainly be an important piece of protecting data. It's the trusted platform module and these air chips that are built on the motherboards. And if you've bought a motherboard in the last 10 years, it's got a T. P M. Chip on it, and they are used for other
for other means. But what they were designed for was for what we refer to its full drive encryption.
So let's say I have a file and I'm in the Windows operating system and I right click on the file. It's used to encrypt it.
That file is encrypted with Windows encrypted file system.
If the value of what I'm protecting is enough, somebody would just steal my hard drive, take that and put it in a Lennox system.
Lennox is no respecter of E f s. That's for Windows, right? I'm not saying necessarily. They can read the entire file, but they will be able to get more information than certainly I would want.
So what encrypted files until what the T P M chip allows is tthe e entire drive the physical device to be encrypted, with the key stored on the motherboard on this chip on the motherboard. So if the drive is removed, there's no access to that hard drive without that key on the motherboard.
Now the keys can also be stored on thumb drives and be stored in active directory and other means.
But ultimately, the purpose here is for whole drive encryption.
you know, just of note. Obviously, there's keys before the T. P M chip would want. You'd want to back those up because if they're lost or if they're corrupted, then you may find that the hard drive becomes inaccessible. This isn't necessarily this isn't specific to the cloud, however.
It's part of a layer defense on individual systems, so certainly a concern.
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