2.11 Lab Wrap-Up

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1 hour 18 minutes
Video Transcription
Hello and welcome back to the course. My name is David Caprese is now in the final video. Hear what I just wanted to go over briefly is that we've utilized virtual box now in virtual box. What we've been able to do is install two separate environments regardless of what you see on the current screen. The one is the Cali Lennox,
which serves as the appetizer. Or I should say,
for how we're going to go ahead and implement our target machine and captured the data.
Then I've been sold Windows 10. I've also installed exam ex cetera,
Um, and also through the preferences and the network, I've been able to make sure that I've allocated to separate I P addresses.
So in the supplemental material, do not find this confusing. If there's any questions, comments, concerns, please feel free to reach out. To me, this is fairly easy to d'oh. Ah, once you practice this more and more, it will become easier and easier. Uh, this is this is again for those who are not on the side. Very labs.
Um, but just that further demonstrate how this can be done.
So again, as I mentioned before, not to be frustrated. That might take some time. Um, I am always available. Ah, and I can always go through an answer any Q questions and answers Q and A's and get this done. So I thank you very much for the time and your interest. And let's go in and make this a success,
and I look forward to seeing the feedback. Thank you.
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