2.1 What is EC2?

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Video Transcription
Hey, everyone, welcome back to the course. So in the last video, we took a brief overview of the Ford Net 40 Web cloud of weapon location. Fire was a service. We took a look at the product page
on their site, and I also notated that there was a couple of videos there. You could go ahead and watch to find out more about the product and one of those being a video that I narrated for the seller.
In this video, we're just gonna talk briefly about what is easy to again. We're not deep diving into easy to rue 53 or anything else Amazon related in this course. We just want a high level understanding of things as we move through and actually set up, are easy to instance and purchase and set up our Route 53 domain.
So here we're on the Amazon page for what is Amazon? Easy to this probably best spot for you to go to. I was going to do a PowerPoint slide of this particular section, but it's just a a little nicer to look at directly with the source, right? So, basically what E. C two is of course, A Stands for last to compute Cloud. You probably already knew that
if you didn't, it's right there on the screen.
what it does is it allows us as an organization to scale up or down pretty quickly, right? We don't have to go purchase a bunch of separate hardware and then try to set that up. Configure it. So what it allows us to do is deploy our applications faster. We don't have to wait on set of configuration like I mentioned,
so it's basically virtual servers. If you think of it like that, it's basically virtual servers and weaken figure. Our security is, however, we want to, and you'll see that as we go ahead and set up our easy to instance. Now, I also want a noted again that I've got a script in The resource is section of the course. What that scripts going to do, basically is
build a Web page for us in that Web page is going to be linked to our domain,
and that's going to allow us to do some of the hands on later on in the course where we actually go ahead and do a sequel injection attack. So just kind of f y I on that. Since we're talking about e c to you just want to make sure you download that from the resource is section of this course
and really just think of easy to as a way for your company too
quickly scale up or down as needed, based off the applications. And you can quickly spin things up and you'll see how how easy it is when we go ahead and set up our easy to instance
and how quick it goes to set that up. One thing I do want to mention again as well is that you will want to set up a security group so inside of your V p. C. You'll just set up a security group in advance of setting up your easy to instance. Now you can also do it inside of the easy to instance.
But I found this a lot easier just to set a set it up in advance. Now we're not gonna cover that in this course, but you could just do a quick
Google search or a search on Amazon AWS on how to set up a security group, and it will walk you through it. It's very easy to do, by the way,
but just make sure you have that set up before we go through the easy to instant set up and you should be good to go.
And I'm not gonna bore you to death by reading this page. But I will link this in the resource of section of the course. You can go ahead and read through it and find out just more about what Amazon easy to is. But again, the real overarching thing you want to take away is it makes it easy for your organization to scale up or down with your applications. You don't have to worry about purchasing a bunch of separate hardware.
So in this video, we just talk briefly about what E. C two is in the next video. We're gonna talk about what route? 53 years. So again, just a high level overview of what Route 53 is
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