2.1 Hierarchical Network Models

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Video Transcription
Hello. Welcome back.
Cisco Certified Design Associate A C C D A.
Mulder to lights in 2.1.
I'm your instructor, Li.
In the previous video, we talked about a multiple one like some 1.5 designing the network at the quality and a solutions. Right
From this video, we will begin to introduce that Never design hierarchical Merkel modules. Right?
Prius hasn't in question or large. Company requested A hierarchical design motto. What? Tears should be free of the physical connected hosts A core Be access. See, Aggregate the distribute. It's 1/4 which is a free of a physical connected a house.
All right. You know, you have your host connected the access layer,
right? So it is court.
So you're gonna talk about what is the article in there with Mtel benefits of the heretic? A model?
What is the carriage for model, Right, Herr article. These lines consists of the three never clears the core, the distribution and the access which narrowly defined the purposes with each layer in along with the Slayer. Ash is right now. It is wrong.
Essentially, this definition takes one specific heretical design as the definition for all hair. Actual design, right?
We should never mystic go once this big a pattern for the ho. This idea What is a better definition?
Here we go. Huh? Been a spoke design pattern combined with an architectural methodology used to guide a placement. I'm gonna under the organization some ocular boundaries in the network.
Hey, Raj, ical autos enable you to design Internet works that use a specialization of a function. Combining with a hierarchical organization such as user connections serves a connection track aggregation, traveler forwarding control, plane aggregation, right.
Such a design simplifies the task is required it to build a network that meets Karan requirements
and can't throw to me. Future requirements uses layers to simplifies the tasks for Internet work. Each layer can focus on specific functions, allowing you to choose the right systems features for each layer
and, you know, applies both land. A warrant is lying to write from this. Ah, slides. You can see the right hand side to a three layer Harris with flying patterns. There's a three tier life hands I to terror. Right hand side three. Terry, You know, there was a court here
distribution here in the access to your right
for the two tier. There's a coronary allegation on me. On the bottom, you can see these layers with layers. Desire is all about hobbits. Boga design we mentioned It is we call this hierarchical in that remote
benefits over the hierarchical model.
The benefits of the using hierarchical models for your network is I included. The following can see promise like cost seven cities of, ah, understanding modular And that word is growth. Improve the fault Aspiration will start with the cost savings.
After adopting a logical design, Moto's many organizations report cost the savings because they are no longer trying to do everything in one rotting or switching platform. The models. Modular nature enables appropriate use of a bin with within each layer over the Iraqi
reducing Lee provisioning off a ban away of the in advance for actual needs. Right
keeping, you know, ease of understanding, right. Keeping each design Adam and simple functionally focus the facilities the ease of understanding, which helps control training on a staff cost. You can't distribute a network of monitoring and a management of reporting systems
to the different layers of a modern network architectures,
which also how it was controlled. Management costs, right?
Multiplayer Never growth.
Hey Raj ical desire facilities. The changes and growth in the never designed modularity lets you create a design elements that you can't replicate it as the network rose. Allowing Maximus capability as each other mundane and never biz lying requires change the cost in the complex city of them,
making that operate our comm Canada small steps out over that overall in that work
large for an arid architectures, changes tend to impact a large number of the Systems LTD. The mashed qualities within a layer our competent, such as the campus cowrote backbone connecting central sites, rate 10 valuable evening. The hierarchical design mottoes
improved that fault escalation. Structuring the Africa into small, easy to understand an immense improves the fault escalation network of managers can. Either they understand the transition plants in the network,
which helps identify Fiedler points. It is more difficult to trump shooting the hierarchical design not be used because the network is not a divided into segments.
So today's fast converging protocols were designed for high radical, with apologies to control the impact of a routing protocol processing and being with consumption, you must use modular, hierarchical apologies with protocols designed with this controls the mind
such as the open, the Shortest path First West PF rotting particle, right?
Heh Rajpal never designed facilities abroad. Summarize ation handstand carrier. Good way Routing protocol. We age our piano. Other rotting protocols that benefit greatly from Ross amortization. Ross Memorization reduces rotting product overhead on links in a never refuses a rotting protocal processing. Waving that rodders,
it is less possible to provide Ross memorization. If the network is not i article
learning check question number one which hierarchical ear house functions, such as a high availability for security and limiting a distribution. Be coursey access the network
obvious it is accidentally, or because this has the high availability functionality can have ah, apply for security
and also really meeting as well, Right, So
axes layers. The answer.
Question number two, which design methodology below is for developing a network design based on the court and this beautiful levels. A p M. D I. O B's and coded line see hierarchical structure of design D bottom up its sear. I are logical structure to design because,
um, it is the methodology for a developing network design based on a corn and distribution levels, right?
Could be a core in navigational. You're to tear That. Could be, You know, three tiers. Okay. The answer will be C.
Today's brief lecture with disgust. A hierarchical, never models. Any questions? Feel free to contact me
is not. You know, um otherwise they're gonna see you in the next video. Bye for now.
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