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next slide. So here we are on experience and education
so you can take a look. Obviously, as I'm talking to all the participants you can see you can read what's on screen here. A couple of things on what highlight is
your prior cyber or its security and I t experience or experience may include running tests on applications, networks, networks and software. And then what we also like to emphasize here is that some employers seek at least of ashes, degree or equivalent experience. This is an important point to make, so you don't have a bachelor's degree.
You have a lot of experience.
And so this is something that you can translate into potentially a position, right?
Other things that we want to talk about is employers may also look for programming skills of in specific programming languages and operating systems.
And then this other piece here at the bottom I want to touch on. And Shane, I'm gonna call on you to give us a little information about this piece.
They may look. Employers may look for pen testers to actually hold certifications in ethical hacking and other I t security years so she and can you speak to that? We're gonna talk about shirt's a little bit later. But I wanted to tap into your knowledge
on Certs right now.
Yeah, I mean, just a kind of backtrack a little bit from the experience standpoint. Uh uh, Gina mentioned previously.
About what? What? Ah, penetration. Testing. Using what penetration testing does. It's essentially, uh,
simulated attack on a computer system. Thio identify both weaknesses as well. A strength so experience that you have previously and testing are auditing auditing of systems. It is pretty beneficial.
Um, and
the certification perspective. What line? A few certifications moving forward, but anything you can have from that perspective Thio further further proof that you have the knowledge of a penetration tester. The more beneficial is the highlight yourself on your resume again. Well outlined. A few certifications moving forward,
uh, also talk about the cyber inside a pro program some of our career paths specifically the penetration testing one of the things along those lines can help you on obtaining experience. And then also the certifications that we're gonna discuss. Moving forward.
Fantastic. Thank you so much. Okay, so let's move on from experience in education to building a Petra penetrates and test her career,
and we put out 10 key elements basically,
to build a strong pen testing career. I won't read all of them, but there are a few that jump out at me here, Number three, which I have in italics be curious about how things work. I think this is essential when you're a pen tester also known as an ethical hacker, right? You want to know how things work.
I want to think like a hacker. You want to know you can get inside things and understand how they work.
The next piece that don't want to touch on is have this desire and drive to learn new stuff. This is obviously something that we continually provoked here. It's library, but you have inherently inside of yourself this desire and drive to learn new stuff. If you have that belief and that feeling, then you're probably looking at a good career
number 10 at the bottom here always be willing to interact and share your knowledge with like minded professionals and other smart people.
Uh, but I hadn't take a look here. I wanted to talk about these elements and mark. I'm gonna
see if I can talk with you about this a little bit. What jumps out at you on this list is well, besides number three, number eight and number 10. Is there something that you wanted to chat about here?
Yes. So I mean, one of the things and one of the questions I get a lot through the mentoring program is that 10 test thing is a lot of fun that these are definitely some key elements from the thing that I would say first is toe number one. Focus on one thing at a time. If you can't learn all this stuff at once,
so it's good to pick it.
So the 1st 1 I would say that's really important is you're going to be dealing with Lennox definitely on how to do some basic scripting. Some bash scripting
learn your rad Jack's learn the art commands and the more that you can learn even using the little X Plus, that that would have on Sai Berry will give you a really good head start
programming. You're gonna be doing it and pythons the way that most things we're gonna hear Little luckily for everybody here, Joe Perry wrote the pen tester Python program. So you have access, you know, coming right from the horse's mouth. So that's gonna be a great tool to use as well. And he's one of the mentors,
understanding databases that sticks out as well just because you know whether it's equal Oracle, my sequel or any other flavor of it. That's one of things that you know, a lot of the Web that's have. That's what a lot of companies run off of.
but just overall that the thing that I really think
that you should focus on is
the desire toe toe learn new stuff because this career
you're gonna be in school. You're always gonna be learning cyber worry. That was one thing that drew me to this place is because I've used this just as everybody that signing up here. Isn't it so much better now? There are so many labs.
If I was to create a syllabus to cover everything I wanted to, everybody would be taking, you know, four years of
stop, But yet I think this is all a great list. Hopefully, I kind of hit a couple of them
Yes. Thank you. Did. That was great. More. Thank you so much. So, yeah. Take a look at this list. Obviously, you could go back after you've viewed this webinar such training today and go through this list slowly.
let's take a look at their next bit of information.
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